March 06, 2010

February Gone and March Begun

Where did February go? Time is speeding by.

Between the time I started this post and the time I click 'publish' there has been nearly 24 hours. This weekend has seemed like two weeks because of all the things that have happened.

Funny how you become more aware of how fast time goes the older you get... and then it can still play tricks on you when you change your routine.

My children are ever present reminders of time passing. These photos of the three of them are fuzzy... like the warm fuzzy in my heart when I look at them. As usual, they have nothing to do with this post - and yet everything to do with it.

As for the blog moving... and all that WordPress talk... it seems that my estimation of the expenses behind the project were a bit on the slim side, and I'd rather save my pennies right this moment for 1. Relevant, 2. Photoshop, 3. Baby's upcoming 1 yr. Birthday (in just a few days!), 4. a new car seat that is desperately needed, and 5. paying off the credit card debt. So, instead of moving just this instant, I'm going to use all of my "FREE" time to study those wonderful links about 'do it yourself' blog-migrating magic. So just pray that I don't break my blog... or delete it by accident. K?

My NEXT post will be a really late post. Late is the new black, I hear. OK, maybe not - I made it up - but you'll forgive me, right? I've been meaning to sit down and write the Flat Robyn Blissdom Adventures for quite some time now.


Life has been a bit hectic since my Blissdom cloud landed back in the real world.

Since February began, we've been absorbed by the following:

- attending Blissdom and traveling to TN
- a remake of our laundry room including paint and new appliances
- baby's fever and teething
- Morgan's back pain and Kaden's worry that he's lactose intolerant - doctor visits all around
- mountains of laundry
- my little boy magically turning 13 before my very eyes
- revamping of our homeschool year schedule
- beginning our school year over (we're finally making headway)
- that nice homeschool refresher conference where Dawn and I spoke for HOTM
- finishing up our income taxes so we could get a refund (and promptly send it off to the credit card company)

... not to mention church, co-op meetings, piles of paperwork, checkbook updates and bills to pay.

Today brought even more activity. March begins our Texas planting season. Now that the frost is gone, we're ready to toss the sweaters and dig in the dirt. Kevin took his little truck to pick up a load of rich black soil to fill our above ground beds yesterday. I'm counting on crisp organics come harvest. Haven't even made my mind up what I'll be planting yet - but there will be lots of tomatoes. Today he got a load of crushed granite to level up our pathways and the side of our driveway - which were looking very worn, sunken, and weedy. Pink granite is so pretty.

You could also add dreaming to the weekend 'event' list. We went yesterday to meet a wise, 81-year old German man and his very old, very big farm house that sits as a silent roadblock to progress. My heart doesn't want to get attached, but the wooden floors and high ceilings, carved trim and skeleton key door-handles all seemed to be speaking to me. Whispering... "Paint me and live in me." She awaits certain demolition quietly with her cobwebs and dusty windows. I wanted to save her... but she's just a dream.

Dreams are good for the soul. Weekends that seem to last a long time are few and far between. They are good for the soul, too.

I'm looking forward to what's in store for March.


Catherine Anne said...

Here I am feeling as of Feb was the longest month ever! I so wanted to go tot blissdom. Cant wait to hear about it.

Sisterlisa said...

awwww cute baby bee!! Life just keeps getting busier doesn't it Spritti?

We chose you for the Beta, Spritti. Info on our group page in the Discussions tab. :)

Kathy said...

Heather, Glad I read your post. I .have been wanting to go to WP too but costs are holding me up and also like you there are a couple of things that are keeping me from it now but hopefully soon. It was an encouraging read. Hope all of you are doing well!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Weekends that seem to last a long time are few and far between.

I can't even remember the last time I had that. It sounds lovely though.

If you are planning on gardening again, I sure hope y'all get more rain this year. Last summer was a scorcher!



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