March 31, 2010

ORDER of Operations: Juggling it All

At the Circus

I've been getting a lot of questions about how I "do it all". I find them amusing because I'm really no different than most anyone else out there - just struggling to keep my head above water in all areas of life as it goes speeding by. I thought I would do a series on "Order of Operation" that covers a few different areas in life and shares tips on how to better 'keep up' and not feel like you are drowning. This series will be good for me because I can always use a refresher on organization. Things tend towards chaos - even for those who have great organizational talents and intentions.

Here's how the series will play out - and the order of operation formula (which my husband came up with - he's a genius and always thinks mathematically). I'll be posting on each priority/area with a different article/post, so be sure to tune in and add your comments to make this a super, interactive series:

Please - P for Priorities (God & Family)

Excuse - E for Environment (Attitude/Homemaking)

My - M for Menu (Nourishment)

Dear - D for Direction (Goals/Calendars/Deskwork)

Aunt - A for Academics (School/Work)

Sally - S for Social (Friends/Family/Media)

Bee - B for Blogging/Being You (Time for self/Hobbies)

All of these things working together in harmony make a complete YOU - a functioning one that blesses her family. Sometimes it seems like a juggling act keeping them all rotating seamlessly. Things get dropped when you focus on one way more than the others. I thought I would spend some time on each topic and talk about it's importance and how you can use your time more wisely in that area. If you have some tips or ideas, send them my way - I'd love to quote you.

For today, I'm heading off to hit my two first operations and get this little schoolhouse/home rolling. I hope you have a fabulous last day of March - and I promise, Lord willing, that I'll be back in tomorrow (no fooling).

PS - Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the book contest and tomorrow is the last day to enter the dress contest!

PSS - Stop by the Post for some great Easter weekend advice from a very wise young teenager - who is now a regular contributor there! Do you know someone who is interested in being a part time author on our team? We love suggestions and tips! We also take guest posts!

PSSS - Isn't that flickr photo awesome? It's by ecpica. He has a whole set of great toy shots on his flickr stream. I thought this juggling shot fit my post nicely - and my kids would tell you that I remind them of a storm trooper sometimes. 'When mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.' He uses wires to set the apples and then edits the wires out in Photoshop. Amazing. I love it.


Hannah Braboy said...

This is just the series I have been waiting for! It sounds like it will be fabulous!

Thank you for linking to my post at the Post, too. :)


Unknown said...

"Sometimes it seems like a juggling act keeping them all rotating seamlessly. Things get dropped when you focus on one way more than the others." THAT is SO true, and I know that you have a wonderful perspective, and great tips to share. I'm looking forward to following along!

Angela Mills said...

That is so clever, I love it!

I list my top 7 on the side of my to-to list. God, husband, kids, school, home, growth, ministry to others. That helps me keep the priorities where they belong :)

Don't quote me, though, I got the idea from Elizabeth George :)

Michelle said...

I normally don't like our children's school day to start before we have our family Bible time. (If that means 10 or 11 o'clock-so be it!

However, I had woke up battling a migraine and the kids were a "bit" unsettled so I said, "Okay, while I'm recovering, you all can do your math and then we can have Bible!"

Well, they can normally do most of their math independently, but wouldn't ya know it-all three kept needing me for everything on this particular day! That will teach me!

Seeking first His Kingdom is always worth it!

BTW, I am hosting my first giveaway over at my little blog, if you know any crafters or quilters!

Gwen T said...

I always have to laugh when I get this question too - it's simple - With 7 kids, I DON'T do it all. Something has to give - I'm not involved in many outside activities and neither are the kids, we live simple lives and I'm not obsessive about having a spotless house. One big priority is to do lots of reading with the kids - if you're curious I'm starting a Thursday Children's Book Review on our blog - because since my time is limited I like to make sure that what I'm reading is worthwhile!!

I'm really looking forward to reading more of your posts on this whole "Do It all" topic - I always enjoy reading your ideas!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

While house, school and things are going smoothly, there is no way I can organize my thoughts enough to make a series of posts about it. You pretty much rock, Heather! :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE it! I am still finding our system.

Ms. Anita said...

Can I "steal" your system, Heather? (I'm with Marshiemallow, and we're not even homeschooling this year!)



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