April 26, 2010

100 Things for 2010

It has been a long time since I did a list update. Here we are in April of 2010 - working on 2009's list. With all the distractions at the beginning of this year, I never even created a 2010 list.

My last list post was November of 2009. Time to get things updated!

According to my assessment, I ALMOST got half of last year's list done. There were officially over 150 items on it, however, I got a lot more done than that - which wasn't listed. Quite an accomplishment with a new baby in the house. It's nice to look back and pat yourself on the back for all the things you completed.

So here's my updated version of 'the list' for 2010:

Things to do in 2010 
(some are leftover from last year, bolded are soon or 'in progress', strike-thru are complete)

1. Put the owl on the mural
2. Get a bed for the baby and do sleep training
3. help kids redesign their blogs
4. redesign my blog by June and move to WP
5. Eat at the Melting Pot
6. Get Lightroom and learn to use it
7. Get Photoshop and learn to use it
8. Put the older photos in albums and print digital ones
9. Experiment with digital scrapbooking
10. 2008-9 and 2009-10 portfolios for school
11. Gardening and harvesting our raised bed crop
12. New handles on the filing cabinets
13. Clean out the filing cabinets
14. Bathe the cats
15. Make a rotating menu plan
16. Get cookbooks organized and find new spot for them
17. Postcard project
18. Find homeschool groove
19. Take the kids to see the Zilker tree at Christmas
20. Pick procrastination project and blog it (monthly) - this  post is April's!
21. Listen to Word of Promise NT in the car
22. Bedtimes and routines (earlier rise & bed/more consistent)
23. Pictures made in photo booth
24. Put God first (prayer journals, start day off right)
25. Graduation party (6th/7th) in September
26. Order awards for Graduation party
27. Creativity Express
28. Finish reading camera manual
29. Set up photography website
30. Pick peaches this summer
31. Another 7 ways to make hubby happy
32. Purge and organize bookshelves (continually)
33. Built in bookcases in dining room?
34. Paint another 2 rooms in the house
35. Window treatments for 2 rooms
36. Save money for Relevant Blog Conference
37. Correspondence Calendar/Notebook for keeping in touch
38. Get music transferred on to iPhone
39. Weight loss goals/Wii fit
40. Spend more time outdoors/walk with kids
41. Standardized tests at end of school year in September
42. Highlights and hair cut
43. Moles checked at doctor
44. Thin out the closet and organize it
45. Winter clothes put up, summer clothes out
46. New holiday tradition
47. Make ornaments and cookies this holiday season
48. Planning day every 6 weeks for homeschool
49. Paint 3 paintings
50. Read 3 more mom books before Christmas
51. Make cookies for librarians/local civil servants
52. Portraits with entire family (been since before baby)
53. Say no to something without guilt
54. Fix king bedframe
55. Tile bathrooms upstairs
56. Do a web design for someone else
57. Back up photos online?
58. Get a Kitchenaid mixer
59. Use my Vi8 for vlogging
60. Plant another tree in the yard (Mulberry)
61. Get our credit reports and go through them
62. Swim once a week when pool is open
63. Buy 5 more books for our school library
64. Do a monthly give-away on my blog and Homeschool Post (be here tomorrow for one!)
65. Use coupons regularly
66. Nature journal with the kids
67. Continue the family devotional time we have started
68. Read book with Kevin about marriage/relationships
69. Watch rest of Beth Moore Videos from last study
70. New bible study
71. New beaded jewelry set
72. Deep clean house
73. Detail cars
74. Email purge and organize
75. Finish a scrapbook
76. Annual letter for 2010
77. Have someone over for dinner each month
78. Go on more field trips
79. Have a weekend away with hubby
80. Participate in Flat Stanley
81. Height and Weight measurements for kids
82. Read to the kids every school day
83. Do more crafts and art for school
84. Let the kids cook more without help (plan it)
85. Help kids to blog regularly
86. Stay on top of grading and Tracker
87. Reward myself with treat when I get half of the list checked off
88. Clean out pantry/fridge
89. Install lighting upstairs that we got at IKEA
90. Make a budget
91. Renew library card again
92. Wipe the laptop clean and get Win7
93. Cordless mouse and keyboard
94. Field trip to TV/Radio station
95. Thanksgiving at our house?
96. Quilts for baby/Morgan's room
97. Clean off my desk (again)
98. Add in extra things I accomplish all year to this list
99. Redo front flower bed
100. Do another 3 paying photography jobs

This section of the post is for added accomplishments:
I think I'll just add on extras here as I go - stuff I didn't put in the above list that I got done anyway. I'm sure there will be a lot of extra stuff that we do.

How about you? What are your plans and goals for the rest of the year?

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Gwen T said...

Catch up on photo albums is a big one!

We've got a lot of travel ahead for our ministry in the coming months though so projects like photo albums get set aside (we homeschoolers are adaptable, right??) so instead I'll get to work on in-the-car projects like lots and lots of read-alouds with the kids.

We always do lots of read-alouds (one of my homeschooling priorities) but we'll probably break records this year. :)

Also Lord willing, we'll be moving to TX by the end of the year, which means one big goal is minimizing! (moving is great for that, isn't it?)

What is a Zilker Christmas tree??? Thanks for motivating me to write down some of my goals and to DO them!

Robyn | Add a Pinch said...

I think my lists have lists that have lists. And now, thanks to your list, I may have to create another. Or at least add a sublist to my master list.

I think I'm a nerd.

Cindy said...

My ship is listing. ;)

A Stable Beginning said...

My lists have list too. I think I need to make a master list like yours, better put that on my lists of things to do :-)

Your #17 is a postcard project, is that similar to a postcard swap? If so I REALLY want to do that this year as we will be studying the States, so if you need any help please let me know!

Anonymous said...

I just watched a video where some 47 year old overweight non-athletic comedian (eddie izzard) ran 43 marathons in 51 days!!! "Humble goals do not inspire" - So I'm going to crank my goals up a few notches and work at them relentlessly. After I finish this piece of pie.



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