April 19, 2010

Counting on Monday...

Monday... "straight out of the camera". Mondays are the day we clean and put things in order for our week... the day we catch up on late library books that will cost a small fortune in fees... the day when we struggle to fit ourselves back in to the box of 'routine'.

I find great benefit in counting my blessings - instead of beating myself up for still being in my pajamas at lunch time.

I choose to praise. 

I'm thankful for:

25. Sleeping sighs upstairs through baby monitor.

26. Quiet house with piles of library books on every surface. Minds being filled with cultures far away and long ago.

27. The brightest green on furry tips of Cypress branches... fluffing themselves on the breeze.

28. Being able to praise God for the same things over and over - and not worry that he ever tires of it.

29. Crunch of chips in the kitchen, sister spreading cheese on chicken nachos.

30. Glittering gems on mother necklace - three colors, three faces, three hearts beating love.

31. Sounds of singing, humming, busy hands cleaning happily in the kitchen.

32. Delicious books.

33. Exploding rose bush, afire in hot pink.

34. Tiny shoots whispering of hidden harvests to come.

35. Overloaded refrigerator, reminding me to make this week's menu and take out meat to thaw.

36. Heart connections - finding little slices of yourself in someone else.

37. Knowing when my husband will walk in the door... the same time every day. Mr. Dependable.

38. Steaming shower leaving pink skin warm.

39. Shiny green visitors.

40. Bloopers in the bluebonnets - fields of blue and trying to 'herd cats'... getting everyone to look at the camera at just the right time, with just the right smile... (all the more reason to take more pictures).

I hope you are finding joy in your imperfect days. Happy Monday.

holy experience

Join me at Ann Voskamp's Gratitude Community and count your blessings on your own blog each 'Multitude Monday'. Discover how she 'unwraps beauty' in the commonplace on her blog, "A Holy Experience".


Alison said...

Lovely list! This Monday exercise is so often just what I need to get my perpective put back where it needs to be to start my week!
Have a blessed week!

Unknown said...

I love this list, it's like poetry. Your photos are beautiful too!
The sighs of babies!
The crunch of chips!
I love those things too!

Michelle said...

How beautiful! Thank you for fostering thankfulness!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who takes Monday's off from school!

Since my pastor husband often works Saturdays, we have decided that Tues-Sat works better for our home school! Isn't flexibility nice?!

Stef said...

gosh that flows - I sound like a hick after reading yours! I guess that's what FL does to a girl =)


Gwen T said...

Thank you - what a wonderful reminder on a day when I have a houseful of sick kids... There is always so much to thank the Lord for!

Julie @ Sonlight 1 said...

You are right! There are so many things we should be thankful for. We must stop and look around and then we will see the endless blessings around us daily. It is always good to get a reminder especially noticing the special, tiny things that are so often taken for granted.

patty said...

your photography is gorgeous, and bluebonnets! are you a texan? :)



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