April 29, 2010

Road 2 Relevant Update

I'm still hoping that I can get to Hershey, Pennsylvania this fall. Wouldn't that be wonderful to visit the chocolate factory and tour DC? Won't it be grand to hug all my invisible friend's necks - all the blogging buddies that I talk to on a weekly basis and yet haven't had a chance to meet yet?

Well, Gather inSpirit is hosting a 'Come and Meet Sprittibee' at their blog today - introducing me to those attending the conference and their readers. I'd love it if you stopped by and left a little "hello" in the comment section.

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As for the funds for the trip... I'm still trying to figure that one out. So far the economy hasn't been my friend. Some of the sponsors I have talked with don't have as much budget for philanthropy as they used to. Others just aren't interested in blog conferences but wished me well with my adventure.

So far we're going it alone...

I've put a little bit in my Paypal account towards the huge total we need to get there this October, but I don't have a sponsor (of which I am thinking I will need several). So my little Relevant ticker (up on the right hand sidebar - see the little car?) is now moving forward, but so far I'm the only one who has donated towards it.

God will provide if the trip is meant to be. I'm sure of it. So I wait for Him with my Relevant ticket in hand... and we're still planning and working on details for our longest road-trip adventure as a family.


Gwen T said...

Can I just encourage you, Heather?? (I'd love to help you but we're working on raising support to go with Wycliffe!) We have seen God provide for us over and over again - it's an amazing thing to realize we're completely dependent on Him and when we step back and acknowledge that, trusting Him to provide for us, He does! Maybe in unexpected ways, but I'm amazed with what He is teaching us as we go on this journey of helping with Bible translation and depending on His people for our support.

Unknown said...

Oh honey, I"m still believing I will be a big part of helping you get there. xo Love you!

Ali said...

I'd help if I could! We are trying to raise funds for our adoption (which has been SO hard to do!). I am sure you will get what you need. Relevant sounds fun!

Thanks for the encouragement about the Homeschool conferences on Twitter. I am really looking forward to it!


Hannah Braboy said...

Aww, Spritti! ((hugs)) I'm sure you will be able to go if God wants you to. The conference sounds amazing!



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