May 22, 2010


I've been hiding from the internet lately.

I even contemplated disappearing forever. [Shhhhh.]

I dreamed I deleted my Facebook account and some guys that looked like the 'Men in Black' came to the door demanding that I check in on their facebookish site because they suspected that my son was involved in witchcraft activities. Strange, eh? In the dream, I was certain that it was just a ploy by the government to keep me online so they could monitor my internet presence. [I won't bother to discuss the meanings of such a dream - I choose to live in denial that our government would ever stoop to spying on law-abiding citizens.]

I really shouldn't be posting things like this. I've never been one for political correctness, though. I'm sure you know that by now.

So what would a blogger do while she was avoiding the internet?

Let's see...

* revamping her to-do lists. 4 pages of high expectations.
* making a list of things I'd like to blog about when I emerge from my funk.
* contemplating how many grammar rules I break when I write on my blog.
* grading homeschool grammar pages. being accutely aware i'm a grammar hypocrite.
* wondering where my mouse went after husband moved our school and office piles.
* plotting how to get him back for moving our school and office piles.

* taking care of my mom who went in to the hospital Wednesday and got out yesterday.
* nursing the Viking. pondering weaning before I need a new wardrobe.
* whining about how much it costs to move to WordPress.
* deciding to stay at Blogger for at least another six months.
* feeling guilty for not getting my food reviews done last week.
* ignoring a few thousand emails. [Keep bugging me if it was you. I'll eventually get to it...]
* reading a lot of blogs through RSS. feeling very unbloggish and irrelevant.
* getting a swap package ready to mail for my Swap Buddy.
* racking up library fees on books that have been overdue for a month.
* planting herbs.
* watching the peppers and tomatoes grow in our raised bed gardens.
* praying, writing in my prayer journal, reading my Bible.
* updating my calendar.
* trying to psych myself out to pay bills (chew glass) since yesterday was payday.
* cleaning up my desk and organizing school stuff.
* rethinking the functionality of our space.
* folding 8,250,945 piles of clean laundry.
* wondering what's for dinner.

Is it any wonder I've been hiding?

Don't worry. I'll eventually be back to my usual blog-addicted self.

[I think.]


Cheryl Pitt said...

I'm with you on whining about how expensive it is to move to Wordpress. I too have decided to put it off for a while. I gave my blog a little facelift with Blogger In Draft, but that's as good as it's going to get for a while.

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

I go through these spells, too. I think it's normal, and it's probably good for us don't you think?
Last summer I dropped out for almost two months! It's ok. You do what you gotta do.

To get him back you can swap the clothes around in his dresser. He'll open his sock drawer and find shorts. ;0) Just kidding... but kinda not. ;)

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

AH, lovely you....

You know how great I think you are, right?

You just enjoy life, my friend... :)
We love you!

All's grace,

Admin said...

Why does it cost money to move to wordpress? Am I being slow?

Sheri said...

Well some people (ahem) check on other people (ahem) to see how their MOM is doing (ahem) but don't get an answer back (ahem).

Okay, seriously though I am very glad she's okay, I was worried when I didn't hear back.

I know you are a list maker but try not to stress so much over them, unless of course you are saving the paper to stoke the fire this winter. Then write away babay!!

Oh and by the way, it would be the MIB (Men in black) it would be the BIB (Bloggers in black)

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

Is it expensive to move your blog b/c its going from Blogger to Wordpress or is it that the host is charging for that?

When I got my domain name - at the time, my host moved my free wp blog over to my hosted website for no extra charge as I recall.

Wordpress (the company) is NOT my host, btw. I go through someone who specializes in working with work at home moms.

Ms. Anita said...

You so totally crack me up, make me smile, cause me to nod in agreement, and ... what else -- nearly each time I read a blog entry of yours, even IF (maybe especially because) you titled it "bloglessness."

(Can I say (off the record) that my nosy husband is rather annoying? He just asked me what I'm doing. Duh! I'm sitting at the computer!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Fellow Konos Mom here, Linda in Phx. Why all the chat about moving to Wordpress? I'm already there... and now, I guess I'm glad I am. But why am I glad???

BTW, darling picture of the butterfly on your head! :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Fellow Konos Mom here, Linda in Phx. Why all the chat about moving to Wordpress? I'm already there... and now, I guess I'm glad I am. But why am I glad???

BTW, darling picture of the butterfly on your head! :o)


LizyBeth said...

Love it! I enjoy reading your blogs very much... even in a "bloglessness funk", you inspire me and brighten my day.

Sprittibee said...

I respond a lot in email to those who leave their email addresses on comments, but sometimes I do like to stop back in and leave a note here so it won't seem like I'm ignoring your notes. I cherish each one.

I've had a lot of questions about moving from Blogger to WordPress - and it really is a preference thing. Some love it, some hate it. WordPress just has a lot of features that I really like. However, self-hosting costs a little over a hundred dollars a year, moving a large blog like mine is tedious and could cost up to 300$ for the data and comments to be preserved (fee of programmer or designer to do the work required at 60$ an hour or more). Then there is the added fee of having someone actually design the template if I want to change graphics and layout. Even if my kids do the artwork, I don't usually do the blog redesign myself (or haven't in the past). Design work can cost you anywhere from 50$ to 300$ depending on how well you know the designer and if they are willing to cut you a deal. Usually WordPress blogs are more expensive to design than Blogger ones. Some designers exclusively do WP blogs and not Blogger. If you pay for your graphics, you can add in a small fee for that, too - if your designer doesn't include that in the fee. Nice graphics can be anywhere from 2$ to 20$ on photo imaging sites. Then there is the matter of my domain - usually a little over 10$ per year ( and my personal flickr and photobucket accounts that host my graphics/photos that I use in posts. Each of those is around 25$ per year (for a total of $50). Any ad money I get through the year pays for these types of site costs.

Does that answer the questions? After discovering that one of my favorite sites, "I Heart Faces" is still on Blogger, I don't feel quite as bad - being one of the last to take the 'leap'. My friend Darcy told me that she does NOT suggest that you move to WP if you do not make any money on your site. Although, I am sure there are free WP sites that are ok... ? Am I wrong?

I just work here.

Kim said...

Thanks for this post. I'm new to blogging and thought I should just give up since I seem to never find time to post anything. Your list is way bigger than mine so there is definitely hope for me. I've been kind of a lurker and this is my very first comment on anyone's blog just too nervous that I'll sound stupid or something. Have to start somewhere though, sorry you're the first. I love your blog!

Thanks Kim,



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