May 09, 2010

Oh, yeah. I'm a BLOGGER.


I've been a little busy lately. So much so that I have not been even visiting, much less updating my sites. Some of that has to do with a certain person on the internet that has been keeping me very busy doing something else.

Or as one of my favorite tweeters (who knows who it was - I can't remember now...) once said (some time in the past month or so)...

"I love being vague. It's almost as fun as doing that one thing - with that other friend of mine."

Or something like that.


Just nod in agreement. Seriously. I understand the blank stares. I'm used to them by now.

I'm also used to the offers by family members to get me counseling because I spend too much time on the internet. In fact, just yesterday, someone offered to get me classes on how to live life without a computer stuck to my face (that person was my cousin Paige who has the same addiction issues with texting on her cell phone - but I'll be nice, because it's mother's day and she has 4 kids). I started this post at a one-year-old cousin's birthday party yesterday (which explains the photos in case you were wondering...).


Sometimes I wonder how all the hotshot bloggers keep a daily posting schedule up. Oh, yeah, the hotshot bloggers don't have a Viking and they can afford a virtual assistant to weed through the endless emails and PR requests. I forgot.

For two days last week, I used my online time (and some of the time I should have been doing the laundry) creating a mother's day gift on a certain picture-gift-printing website... which offered me free picture-books... and then proceeded to charge me nearly 30$ to ship three tiny little books to my house. [Yes, I realize that is a run-on sentence.] After spending two days creating my picture-books, I wasn't about to delete them and say 'nevermind'. I know this company was counting on me responding in that very fashion. I felt kind of taken advantage of. Seems a little like shipping gouging to me. I mean, I know how much it costs to send things via media rate at the post office, you know. I'm not stupid. I'll wait and see the quality of the books and then throw my tantrum later (unless they show up at my house and are so wonderful that I can't complain).


I've also been spending some time trying to figure out a site redesign for my upcoming 5 year blogiversary. June 8th is my big day. I really wanted to be moved to WordPress by then. And I have almost exactly a month to get it done... which makes me want to hide in a corner and suck my thumb.

Because I have too many other things to do. You know how I am with lists.


And because I don't want to bum myself out on Mother's Day - thinking about all that there is left to get done around here - I think I'll go take a nap.

And that is all. For now.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Happy Mother's Day, Heather!

Dealing with PR requests and stuff. haha! That made me laugh. I don't need an assistant because... well, because it's just me and my random writing. :) I guess that must mean I'm not a hotshot blogger, which is a-okay with me! I couldn't imagine dealing with the pressure to post all the time. That would just suck the life out of me, but I guess it is a lot of fun for some. :)

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day, Heather! I always want to call you Spritti, but I'm not sure if you would like that!?

I'm doing a series called Hard Lessons From a Newbie Blogger at my blog. It would be great to have some input throughout the series from a "veteran" blogger. One of the next lessons I'll be sharing deals with time management.

Would love a visit sometime!

Kara said...

Happy Mother's Day!
So that is all those hotshot bloggers do it, Personal assistants. Well, where do I get one of those and will they do my laundry too? :)

Melissa Stover said...

so that's what i need, a person assistant.

want me to help you move? have you made any first steps?

Sprittibee said...

So far, my personal assistant is the delete key (either that, or just allowing so much time to pass before responding that the emails are WAY out of date). Both of which make me physically ill because I'm extremely polite (hate not responding to emails) and obsessive compulsive about making sure I dot my i's and cross my t's. I have thousands of emails to go through in Gmail. So many that I really should just delete the account and pretend the computer did it.

Happy Mom's Day Michelle. You can call me Spritti any day. That's what a lot of other people call me already! Email me a link and I'd love to see your site. Better yet - tweet it to me on a DM so I am SURE to respond. I love twitter. It removes my crazy urge to SAVE EVERY CONVERSATION. You should see my email folder structure. It's like a library catalog system. I'm getting cold sweats just talking about it.

Kara - Happy mom's day. No - virtual assistants do not take care of your laundry. I need one of those types of assistants, too. In fact, I've been thinking about what I could give up in my life to afford a maid once a week... and I'm coming up blank (as usual). I guess I'll still have to do most of the laundry myself. Good thing I have KIDS (ie: slaves).

Melissa - YES I would love you to help. I've been chatting with our circle of conference junkies about it and yet I have this control issue (ocd) and want to be right in the middle of it... partly because I want to know exactly what is happening with my data, partly because I want to know the inner workings of WP so well that I am not afraid of it any more, and partly because I'd love to be able to design my children's blogs on WP later... and even make money doing it for friends who aren't expecting miracles (like the miracles that those same conference junkie friends of ours produce on a regular basis).

I feel so excited that I was actually able to comment back on the blog tonight. I always read the comments and adore them like cherished teddy bears... but I rarely get to pop back in here to reply. I hope you all don't think I'm rude or ignoring you. You are all so wonderful and smart and creative and sweet...

... and my word verification is MIRCLOGR. Whatever that is.

And now I must sleep.




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