June 09, 2010

I Need a Break

I would say that things were back to normal around here, but we've never been normal. We lean a tad towards the crazy side - even when things are functioning smoothly.

Things aren't that smooth right now. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say we're at about a 30 (on the crazier than ever end).

This much is true:

1. We are at least HOME: all of us plus one piano-teaching grandma that is here for part of the week (Lord knows that we couldn't survive without her helping out around here).

2. The baby seems to be bouncing back: today he ate quite a bit of mashed potatoes and a little bit of chicken, never mind the fact that he needed two baths from exploding daipers (which I guess are still to be expected).

3. School is intermittent at best: tempers and attitudes were flaring this morning when mama laid the law down about getting back in to a regular school and chore routine. Our list ahead is long, but we're determined to get it done. Or else.

4. I NEED A MAID: Mama ain't happy when the house looks like a pack of wild Russian boars were living here for the past week. And so I hired one (and I suppose I'll have to pay for it with a credit card, but at least I'll have part of my sanity back). She arrives tomorrow at 8AM and I'm praying she has that sliver of my sanity with her when she gets here.

5. Most importantly, I NEED A BREAK: Yes, I did take a break from blogging while I was up at the hospital with my sick little dude... but... I am so behind on regular life that I'm afraid I'll be needing a brief intermission from the online world just to get caught up around here.

More LISTishness....

Bills must be paid.
The checkbook must be balanced.
Groceries must be purchased so we don't starve.
The garden must be tended and blackberries must be picked. [Cobbler awaits...]
Toys must be sanitized.
Bathrooms must be bleached.
The refrigerator must be cleaned out.
We must catch up with ourselves on the ever-growing past-due school list.
Sheets must be changed.
Nightmare-inducing amounts of laundry must be tamed.
Litter boxes must be cleaned out.
Cats must be bathed. [If I never return, you'll know what happened to me.]

I'll be around - but too busy to post much more than a photo or two. Hopefully it won't take very long before I'll be right-side up again.


Tiffany said...

I completely understand. My household is out of balance right now as well. It seems like I get caught up in one area and then another area is out of control.

Sheri said...

I'm sorry Heath, but i am so glad your mom is there to help out! Praying for you today.

Sara @ Saving For Someday said...

Sounds like you need Mary Poppins and that Sound of Music lady with a splash of Sue from Glee to whip things in to shape around there while you head off to the spa for a week!

But since that probably won't happen (I say probably b/c never say never!!), I guess hiring a maid is the next best things. I have one but I keep setting the house alarm so when she comes over it goes off and scares her away. I'm definitely doing something wrong.

Breathe deeply, love yourself and all else will come together.

Sending you some hugs too!

Remember, you got that Chevy coming in the Fall. Chevy! Chevy! Chevy!
(do you feel better now?)

Saving for Someday

Hannah Braboy said...

Oh Spritti... ((hugs)) I remember how crazy it was when the Boybarians were little. The are now almost 3 and it still hasn't gotten much better, but oh well. We've learned to live with it. If you want to, I can hook you up with my mama's email address. She can teach you some of the short cuts we've all learned. Seriously. Let me know.


Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

Right side up? Is there such a thing? Hmmm...

I think it's great you hired a maid to help get back on track -- you needed it!!

I feel the same way and I didn't even go through a hospital ordeal. Hang in there, see you on the other side of right side up. =)

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Hoping things will end up right side up soon.

I keep wondering where my energy and nesting instincts are for the end of this pregnancy. Well, I want to nest, but I'm too tired. :) I'm hoping they show up soon!!!

Unknown said...

I am glad that Baby K is feeling better. Thank goodness for Grandma's! I hope that you get a break and the maid helps get the house in order for you so you can relax. Big Huggs for ya!

Gwen T said...

#4 - You're really tempting me with this whole maid thing!!

Our eldest has had many surgeries and I know how hard hospital visits are...glad you're taking an online break to help you and your family recover.

We've been on the road 19 of the last 30 days so I can relate with the need to catch up... Enjoy your break!! :)

H-Mama said...

Then a break you should have!! I hope the hired help works out for you. Seriously... what a blessing that would be.

As Whoopi Goldberg says, "Normal is just a setting on the washing machine." ;)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

you bathe your cats?

take a break. get some rest. enjoy the results of things being clean, neat and tidy. and take your time!

your friends will still be here.

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

Know the feeling!

On the side...
My advice: skip the cat baths! (hehe). We don't wash ours and they are indoor cats. Past attempts at brushing the longhaired one were returned with ...oh you know, that "don't brush me" attitude and since I don't fancy being scratched or bit, well, they fend for themselves in the grooming dept. :)

Anonymous said...


Vickie said...

Hi Heather, I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading a lot of your posts. You have a beautiful family and I especially love your photography.


Brenna said...

So glad your baby is home and feeling better. Aren't we blessed to have moms who help?
I enjoy reading about your lovely family.

Sprittibee said...

Tiffany - Hope you can get right side up yourself!

Sheri - Thanks for the prayers. ;)

Sara - Thanks for reminding me about the Chevy. That seems pretty far off right now. :)

Hannah - I'm sure it will get easier... or I'll get smarter! One or the other would be nice.

Amber - Yeah, it's nice to have an excuse this time for needing the maid. I usually don't have one.

Cherees - (((HUGS BACK ATCHA)))

Gwen - I'm always like that after a big trip, too - upside down! I think some of it just has to do with MAJOR LAUNDRY BACKUP.

H-mama - cute quote!

Marshie - ;) xoxo

Tracy - Yes, the cats have been rolling around in a really messy litter box. YUCK. I'm going to make the husband bathe them. Happy Father's Day! LOL

Nikowa - :) Thanks! I needed that.

Vickie - So sweet of you to comment and say such nice things. ;)

Brenna - :) We are all glad he's feeling better. Mom has most of the day off Friday, so she's really helping out today! We're poised to get a lot on our school list done...



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