June 21, 2010

Me and Her Against the World: Procter and Gamble’s “Thank You Mom” Campaign

I was an only child, so I feel an extra special bond with my mom. I'm lucky to be nearing 40 and still have her (especially since she has diabetes and has never been in tip-top health). I loved that I never had to share her with another sibling when I was a kid (besides my cousins, and I didn't mind if it was only part time). Only children are spoiled like that. Me especially. Very, very spoiled. [Why yes, that was a Dorothy Hamill haircut. It's the only thing my mom and I still aren't on speaking terms about. I feel sorry for those of you born beyond the 70's who will have no idea who Dorothy Hamill is, or why every little girl born in the 70's wanted to join the Ice Capades and be a figure skating star. But that's besides the point.]

My parents split when I was only two. We had a hard life, but my mother was always there for me. It takes a special kind of mom to raise a well-adjusted kid all by herself and make them feel completely loved. It wasn't an easy walk in the park back in the 70's for working women. I can remember pretending to be sick as a kid so that I could go home from school to be with her. I'm sure I cost her quite a few jobs. I was terrified of losing her every time we went out to the grocery store. I guess only kids who are from divorced families in their early years have 'abandonment issues'. Whatever the issue, I was glued to my mom. I adored her and thought she was the prettiest, smartest woman on the planet. [Then I became a teenager - and she wasn't smart any more. Then I had my own kids, and now she's pretty wise again. Funny how that happens.]

She used to tell me when I was a kid that "our song" was 'You and Me Against the World' by Helen Reddy.

I loved the lyrics - even back then in the - whatever decade that was. Man, I'm old. [I loved the lyrics all except for the circus clown part. What kid doesn't hate creepy circus clowns?]

Tell me again mummy...

You and me against the world
Sometimes it seems like you and me against the world
When all the others turn their backs and walked away
You can count on me to stay

Remember when the circus came to town
And you were frightened by the clown
Wasn't it nice to be around someone that you knew
Someone who was big and strong and looking out for

You and me against the world...
Sometimes it feels like you and me against the world
And for all the times we've cried I always felt that
God was on our side

And when one of us is gone
And one of us is left to carry on
Then remembering we'll have to do
Our memories will get us through
Think about the days of me and you
You and me against the world

I love you mummy.
I love you too baby.

My mom went on to get married again when I was seven - and she did her best to raise me, despite a less than perfect world we live in. It was never easy - and I wasn't an easy kid to raise (she'll tell you that I gave her all the gray hairs she has today). She was always there for me - no matter what; even when I was at my worst. Her love has never been conditional.

She's still there for me.

I feel so blessed to have a parent that is so involved with my children... one that I can call a friend. It is a rare day that we don't talk to each other - at least on the phone. She lives with me part of the week so she can teach piano, so I get to see her more than most people see their moms.

I know she has regrets over things in the past...

...but I want her to know - that she's the most selfless, loving, tender-hearted, giving mom in the world. Perfect wasn't ever a requirement. I'm so glad of that, because I'm not a perfect mom, either.

I wish that I was more like her. [Besides the strange obsession she has with Whataburger, that is. I swear, every drive-in Whataburger in Texas know her by name.] I hope all of her good qualities continue to teach us - my children included... so that we all can be more like 'Chickie' when we grow up. I'm hoping all the time we have with her rubs off. [And I'm praying that fried chicken won't stick to her arteries.]

Procter and Gamble recognizes the special relationship between a woman and her mother, and wants to reunite 100 mothers and daughters with its “Thank You Mom” campaign.

Moms make life so much more special.

Here are the official details:

Log onto www.thankyoumom.com and enter to win a gift card to help cover the cost of a special reunion with your mom or mom figure in your life. Entrants must submit a 100-word essay describing why they would like to be reunited with their mom. Consumers are also invited to vote for their favorite entries. Each month, 15 winners will be chosen through November 30th. Winners will also receive a portable digital video camera to capture their reunion and are encouraged to share the video. Specific contest rules and regulations can be found online at www.thankyoumom.com.

Be sure to vote on your favorite entries for the Thank You Mom Reunions each month!

If my mom lived far away from me, I am not sure what I would do. Do you miss your mom? Please take the time to write down why you want to see her again, enter your essay at www.thankyoumom.com and get your friends and family to vote so you can win this contest! Your mom would tell you, "It can't hurt to try your best!"

{Disclaimer: This post is part of the P&G Thank You Mom Reunion Campaign through Blissfull Media Group.}


Elena LaVictoire said...

It was so nice to read your tribute to your mom. Savor every moment with her - as I know you will.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Beautiful tribute!

Your dd looks JUST EXACTLY like your mom! :-)

Melissa Stover said...

could your hair GET any taller in that photo with your husband? :) loving that you have big hair shots like i do.

we've had conversations about my mother right? i'm writing a book about it. after she dies.

Chicky said...

I loved that song as a kid too...also an only child :)

Lovely post :)

Bagel's Life @ Home & School said...

I second Amy's comment! Your daughter looks just like your mom!

I was also my mom's only child and it was just the two of us for several years. Also, my daughter looks just like my mom.

Loved your essay, I could really identify with it......except the part about liking being an only child. I was always wishing for siblings.

LuMaSa Momma said...

Wow, we lived an almost identical life. I am a child of the 70's and had the Dorthy Hamill hair. I am an only child. I was a year old when my parents split up. My mom worked hard to raise me right. She also wasn't very smart when I was a teenager, but became brilliant after I'd been out on my own for a year. I am married now and have 3 kids. I love photography.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

So sweet! I love how you said perfect was never a requirement. That's a great point we should all make to our moms, I think.

Also...your hair in that picture?...wow! How did you get such height? :)



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