June 02, 2010

Why an iPhone Camera is a Must - Even if You Have a DSLR


Some moments won't wait for the big camera.

This is Baby K in the Tupperware Cabinet. Literally. He got in all by hims little self.

From the look on his face, he wasn't so sure about it once he got in there.

I bet he wondered why mommy was laughing and running to grab the iPhone off the kitchen table.

Babies eliminate the need for TV. They also eliminate any time you would have had to watch it. It's worth it, though.

Don't you think?


Joy said...

Definitely worth it! He is so precious! :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I haven't been reading blogs for a few months and was shocked to see how big Baby K is already! CUTE!

Hannah Braboy said...

I am convinced babies and small children don't need TV. Who needs TV when you have a tupperware cabinet or a toilet to get into or mud to roll in. Not us, say the Boybarians!

Dawn Camp said...

What a cutie!

LizyBeth said...

So Very Cute! And yes, they are completely worth all the time and effort.

Anonymous said...

TOOO cute! What is it with babies and tupperware?! It's like a baby magnet.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

He is just precious! So glad you caught that moment!

Unknown said...

Ha, that is SO cute! I know I catch a lot of little photos and videos on my cellphone that otherwise would have slipped by before I had a chance to scramble for my digital camera!

And you're totally right- little ones are definitely entertaining. Sometimes my husband and I just sit on the couch and watch our toddler!

Kim said...

Love the picture and love my iphone camera. Thanks for the post.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Hilarious!! What a fun shot!



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