July 23, 2010

31 Days to Build a Better Blog, Sprittibee Style

Take the Problogger Challenge with SITS and BlogFrogBeing the awesomely "connected" and "sponsored" blogger that I am, I had no idea that a 31DBBB challenge was going on. I didn't even know what 31DBBB meant until someone kindly let me know they were 'stalking' my blog on twitter. As flattered as I was, I felt a little out of the loop. Sorry, Darren! I haven't been up on my blog reading lately (pregnancy nausea is a good excuse, no?).

I'm going to be brutally honest with you: I have little time for blogging. Or for doing all the extra promotional, statistical, communicative things that bloggers must do to stay on top of their 'game'. Here's the scary truth (please don't nod in agreement that you already knew it): Most of what I blog, I slap up on an instant whim. When I do have the weekend hours at my leisure (I laugh when saying that word because with a 1 year old, there is no such thing), I spend more time thinking about what I'm writing... but if you've been around much, you'll know that I am often just talking out of my head over here.

That's all I have time for. And even that, my kids will tell you, I'm pushing (beyond the limits of priority). Just now it's baby's naptime, but I can think of a hundred or so other things that really should get done first ... (and by the time this post will be done, it might be well after dinner... or maybe after everyone else is asleep).

However, I don't want you to think that just because I have been blogging since before God created dirt, that I might not think I can't improve. I'm the last ancient dinosaur blogger that hasn't moved to Word Press yet, so I hear. But that doesn't mean I can't learn a new trick or two. Heavens, I certainly could use the 40700 comments that Pioneer Woman gets on her red Kitchenaid Mixer giveaways over here. Just because I have two blog conferences under my belt doesn't make me an expert at anything but running up debt on my credit card, y'all. I'm no snob, so I decided to join in the 'fun'.

The assignments are daily. (AS IF I can do all this in 31 days!)...

But it must be brief. So here goes:

Day 1 Challenge: Write a tagline, a short elevator pitch and a long elevator pitch for your blog.

My blog's tagline is similar to the random nature here at Sprittibee. I've always been honest... time doesn't permit me to be anything but fickle. I blog about a wide variety of topics. My top 5 are probably: parenting, homeschooling, motherhood, photography, faith, and personal/life. Therefore, since I'm so scattered, I figured I'd use a tagline that matches more with the name of my blog rather than what I talk about.

"Honey Sweet - Bloggy Goodness"

And of course, you can throw in the bible verse I usually have on my blog header somewhere for good measure (because no matter what I talk about, I try and honor God in the post):

Psalm 119:103 - "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!"

Of course, these have nothing to do with my words. I just thought, ya-know, bees... honey... sweet... words and blogging... uh...

Guess you had to be there.

Short Elevator Pitch:
Hmmm. Something short and sweet that explains the purpose of my blogging? Would "Oooo! Shiny!" cover it? I don't know. The keyword tags at the top of my blog that appear when you open my site (my wonderful blog designer's idea... something about Google spiders?) are:

homeschool, photography, parenting, mommy, christian

Maybe I should just stick to that and let it be? I think it covers most of my posts... except the strange ones about swapping snott, refrigerating chiggers and stealing fries at Chick-fil-A off of someone else's tray.

But I digress...

Long Elevator Pitch:
I'll be honest, I still don't know what an elevator pitch is. But out of context and from seeing a few other entries for the contest, I guess it's just a breif description of your blog's purpose.

So what is "Sprittibee" about? I'm just a Christian wife, a homeschool mom, a photo nut, a Native Texan, a blog enthusiast - sharing my 'buzz' with the rest of the world in hopes that I'll learn more about myself and encourage my readers to know they are not alone out there. Maybe I'll help that homeschool mom have the strength to go another day without giving up?

I can just hear it now: "Surely I can homeschool if this scatterbrained lady has been doing it for the past eight years!"

No, really - you can be honest. I know if you read here regularly, you probably have said that to yourself at one time or another. Go ahead and raise your hand. It's OK. I can take it.

So now you have my tagline, short elevator pitch, and long elevator pitch. And you know nothing more about my blog than you started out knowing. So I guess I'm not such a focused niche blogger after all?

That's it! I quit.

Just kidding.


Rebecca said...

Seriously, I wish I had time to be this creative....if you're working on no-time....definitely amazing!

Susan said...

My tagline is (even though it isn't currently on my blog)
From The Narrows: Walking the Narrow Path and stumbling along the way. Other than that I just don't seem to have the interest in doing the 30dtbb...whatever.

Michelle said...

I wish I knew about this a few weeks ago, but I definitely don't have time for it now!

Congratulations if i didn't say so already on the little bee that's in your hive!Umm...that may have just sounded strange, but then again, I've never claimed the word normal as my own!

I have decided after many failed attempts at WP that I am just sticking with Blogger!

The fact that I'm not even interested anymore probably means I am more of an ancient, tecno- dinosaur than you are! So there now, you can rest at ease!

Michelle said...

So glad that you visited my blog!

I should have clarified what I meant by ancient techno-dinosaur: I just meant in terms of always being behind in the realm of technology.

I JUST joined Twitter-reluctantly might I add, and only figured out how to download my pictures from my digital camera a few months ago. I wasn't talking about how long I've been blogging! Sorry about that!

WP never worked for me-every time I got an account, all kinds of things got messed up and i couldn't use it at all!Maybe it has something to do with my hosting site or my computer.

I didn't know about the Post meme-SEE, I told you I am always behind! Lol

Take care, Heather!

Hen Jen said...

nice to see you've joined up! I've fallen down on "stalker" mode...I've just checked back here!

I like the description- "shiny" brilliant! I think your tagline is perfect, and I am amazed you find time to blog. Some people just have to write, I think.

I've fallen 2 days behind on the challenge, I think many of us are catching up when we have time.

much grace and peace to you,
-Jenn (@henjenca)



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