July 06, 2010

Baby Gets to Swim


Mama committed the unpardonable sin over 4th of July: forgetting to bring baby's Little Swimmers and his swim suit to Aunt Laurie's pool party. The little guy was feeling pretty left out of the fun.

I didn't mind missing out on the pool since I glow in the dark and blister in a matter of nanoseconds, but he didn't understand why the big kids got to play in the "bath" and he didn't. All that splashing was looking really fun.

With every moment, he inched closer to the pool, pointing at it, and trying to gain the sympathy of his "Momo"... who eventually noticed him and swam over to say 'Hi'.


Of course, the Viking figured she was going soft on him, so he proceeded to hike the leg up on the edge of the pool and crawl over. As much as sister loved him, she wasn't about to bring him in the pool and spoil her big-kid fun.

Poor wittle guy.


Sensing his unhappiness, grandpa Keef came to the rescue. He never had any of his own kids before he married Grandma Betty, but he sure has a heart for the little ones. Baby K lurves him so.


Baby K and Grandpa Keef are buddies. Swimmin' buddies.


The pool party was saved because mama let him get in with his poofy white daiper (and I mean POOFY - that sucker was 10 lbs when we peeled it off of him) and get his little train outfit wet... but mostly because Grandpa Keef wasn't too busy to play!


Unfortunately for the big kids, we forgot to put sunscreen on them... and didn't find it until AFTER they were cooked like little 4th of July sausages. We doused Kaden down with Vinegar that night after we got home and it really helped take the red out by the next morning. Even the blisters went away. He has his mama's sensitive skin... but fortunately, none of the kids are as WHITE as mama.


On a completely unrelated note, while at the pool party we got to see a bunch of hang gliders drifting on the summer sky. I made a mental note to add it to my bucket list. Being mom AGAIN at 38 might put a dent in what all I can get accomplished, though... since I can't be a daredevil until the kids are grown... and the littlest one will be grown when I'm in dentures... and possibly a nursing home. But by then, I won't remember my bucket list anyway. So I guess it doesn't matter.


On another really odd, and likewise unrelated note, Aunt Laurie informed me that the sucker fish in her tank that Kohen was enamored with was the SAME one they had when they first got the tank. That was back when Kev and I were first married... and we're coming up on our 18 year anniversary. That's a really old fish!

Seems strange to think that I was looking at that fish back before any of my kids were born...


Sheri said...

What a good grandpa! And Momo...even if she didn't taken him! LOL

Glow in the dark: Girl, I am totally iridescent. Seriously. If I could smear these freckles around I'd have a nice tan. But I don't burn. Thank goodness!

Burn: Could have used your vinegar treatment July 4, 2008. We flew to Cal. and the kids swam all day, Dylan was blistered beyond belief. (Same faux pas you committed, no sunscreen). We used tea on him, it helped but I'll have to remember the vinegar for next time.

MommyLydia said...

Yeah, when we went river wading the first time, i left my almost-3 year old in his disposable diapers. And then wondered afterward why he was SO heavy! It was a HUGE difference. Next time he wears his swim diaper!

(I'd have run out to the store to buy Little Swimmers when I realized the problem! Even though we normally use reusable swim diapers. I would not even have considered letting him in with his regular diaper for fear of, well. lots of stuff)

As for being afraid of 38 when you have your next kid -- That can't be SO bad. I'll be 37 in just a few weeks, not pregnant yet, and we still want 3 more kids! I'm counting on having until at least 42 before I'm too old...

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

okay, the whole suckerfish thing... that IS a weird idea to think about!

glad babyK got to swim. it's funny how some babies think it's awesome fun and others scream their little heads off. hey, how long are you going to call him baby k? there is bound to be confusion before long. :)



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