August 29, 2010

Winners, Hiding, and a New Job

This is my ostrich baby. He's shy.

{When he wants to be.}

He's hiding his face in-between his grandma's legs.

What you don't see is that his great uncle is on the couch behind him. He thinks Uncle Joe can't get him or see him if he turns away and hides. So silly.

Note that he has his sister's pink cell phone in his hands. He loves electronics. You best not hand him yours, though - because he'll fight you for it when you try to get it away from him. No joke. His motto is: 'Hand over the cell phone and nobody gets hurt.'

I've been a little like him lately - hiding from my blog. Not because I'm shy - just busy.

Today I scouted out locations for my FIRST portrait client and took some test shots of the kids. It felt good to have my real camera in my hands after a week or two of decluttering projects and insane amounts of email torture. And I watched a few hours worth of Jasmine Star's live photography class on her wedding that she shot yesterday. And we ate greasy fried chicken for lunch with grandma - but that has nothing to do with photography.... or this post.

Then, in my zeal, I came home and bought my photography business domain on Godaddy. Can't tell you until I get my website up (whenever that may be) what the name is.

Wish I could press a button and instantly have a website up. Oh, well - "anything worth having is worth waiting for" right?

That's what I keep telling myself about the Canon 5D MarkII. And the 35mm 1.4 lens. Someday when I'm rich and famous. Heavy on the rich part.

So you really came for the winner announcements, right? Here they are:


lisa leonard give away winner


tell me more italian software give away winner

Email me to collect your prizes!

Have a super Sunday!


Gwen T said...

I had no idea you were setting up a photography business! That's really neat! I'd ask "How do you find the time??" but whenever people ask me that question I never know how to respond. :)

You must be feeling much better now?? What week are you in by now?

Michelle said...

Whoohoo! I hardly ever win anything!! Thanks so much, Spritti!

That little guy is so cute! Thanks for an extra ray of sunshine today!

I'll be e-mailing you real soon!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll buy YOU the MarkII if you buy me one. :)

Rebecca said...

I am sure you are going to have a great photography business! I knows it's a small thing....but, I gaveyou a sunshine award on my blog today!



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