September 15, 2010

Getting ALL the WAY to Relevant

30 Days Away from Relevant! The clock is ticking!

Only ONE month away from Relevant and I have to say that although we are still a little MORE than half way from our financial goal so that we can get there... I'm amazed at the progress thus far. I never imagined that we would have a wonderful (FREE) Chevy lease vehicle for two weeks - courtesy of GM Texas! I never imagined that I would have so many great sponsors and friends donate to the pot. I almost saw this trip as impossible from the get-go, honestly... and now, I see it falling in to place.

Thank you Ann Voskamp for believing FOR me that it was possible! I never would have even tried if you had not encouraged me.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous, but I am continuing to pray that God will make a way - and I see no reason to believe he won't.


I got a call from GM Texas today and they just wanted me to know that they will be delivering the vehicle to my very own driveway before the trip. I've had some unexpected ad revenue from great businesses, and I've been asked to take some more family portraits by a dear friend. Every little penny in the pot is one wheel's turn closer to our goal. For a family that never vacations together other than visiting family in Texas, this trip is a BIG DEAL.

SO... I just wanted to thank my sponsors again and share once more a little about the trip for those who are just tuning in:

Relevant is a blog conference for Christian blogging moms. Their motto is "Blessing My Family, Engaging the World".... and "Real. Intentional. Blogging." Really, it is about connecting mom bloggers and like-minded businesses, refreshing the purpose and vision of your online 'job', building blogging/writing/business skills, and teaching technical skills to bloggers so they can grow their web presence. I'll be honest, I'm heavy on the connecting and refreshing part, myself. That and the meeting of invisible friends part... which I guess you could put under 'connecting'. It is strange to be in a community of people that are tight and loyal - and yet not know them face to face (unless you count a dime-sized twitter avatar as a face?).

The other portion of this trip is the DC part for my kids. I have never been on the East Coast - just the West, so I've never seen DC. My husband spent a lot of time in DC as a teen because his father lived in Virginia for a while. He really wanted our children to have this 'American' field trip - to see the museums and historical places in DC that are so important to our nation. Thankfully for us, most of this part of the trip will be free except for transportation and lodging, I hear. I've written in to the budget to give us a day or two in DC (even though he has informed me there's NO WAY you can 'see DC in two days'). Sorry, sweetie - the trip must move onward.

- This trip from Austin to DC to Hershey, PA and back is going to be over 3400 miles... and over a week long (that's a lot of time in the car - pray for my "point-A-to-point-B" husband, please).
- We'll be staying with as many friends as will house us on the way up and back and inviting ourselves over for dinner, too. All in the name of saving money, eating healthier (deer meat anyone? Can't wait, Teresa!), and visiting our geographically distant buddies!
- My kids are as excited about the trip as I am (they are even begging me to let them sell candy at church to raise money - my poor church friends!)
- I already have my ticket and my #ChevySweetRIDE (hashtag to follow on twitter)... I'm just raising money for the gas/lodging/food and possibly coffee, maps, snacks and DC transportation fees.

Here's the Money Breakdown:
Gasoline: 1,200$ (as long as the prices stay steady)
Hotel: 500 (hoping we can keep it that low)
Food: 550 (for 10 days, includes 180 for groceries and eating out some meals, my meals at conf. covered)
DC Sight-Seeing/Misc.: 150

I'm over half way there!

How You can Help
Are you interested in helping me get to DC and Hershey? Want to 'sponsor' a cup of Starbucks or a few of the 3,400 miles on our long journey? You can click my donate button and drop some coins in the tip can...

Are you a sponsor that is looking for a blogger to partner with to get your business more press on the web? You can email me and request a sponsorship kit so I can share with you the packages I have set aside for those who wish to advertise here on my blog to promote their products and websites.

I can't wait to see the little ticker car reach it's destination ... so that we can all hop in our shiny Chevy and head out on the road!

Thank you to my Sponsors for Relevant:

Amy Loves It!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Join Pix-O-Sphere Now! - Family Friendly Photo Community

Relational Living at The HomeSpun Life

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Hodgepodgemom said...

Awesome! Love the D.C. part of the trip too :)

Maryellen said...

I have just started to pray about going too! Hope I get there and get to see you. God bless!

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

Praying for you to get what you need!

So far I've only managed to get blogger cards sponsored, but I did score someone's early bird ticket and I have a roomie. I'm also waiting to hear from GM to see if I can get a free "ride" to drive ;)

Dawn Camp said...

You'll do it - I know you will!

Michelle said...

Sigh...Why couldn't MY state come BEFORE Pennsylvania!Lol I am sure you would enjoy some great New England cooking here as well as all the trails we have in our backyard!



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