September 13, 2010

Multitude Monday

I have this 80-mile list of things I need to be posting in here, but lately I have hardly any time to even sit down and check email. The GOOD thing is, my desk has been staying clean, the laundry is always in motion (meaning that the monstrous piles are no longer threatening to consume us), and we have actually been staying pretty much on top of the chores and school. We even made it to THREE appointments last week for our school year without missing them because I actually was using my day-planner as it is intended. [If you don't open your calendar, what's the use of having one, right?]

I've been in a pat myself on the back mode, but honestly, I can't take credit for any of our successes. God has been really working FOR us through our prayers and the desires of our hearts as we seek to honor Him.

Today (right smack in the middle of my huge to-do list and our busy homeschool day) I just want to count my blessings. I am feeling really blessed.

Here are a few of the things I'm thankful for (added to my previously started list):

41 - a fledgeling photography business... The promise of beautiful pictures and loving my 'job'.

42 - orange and black in the 'Flyway' - making their way to Mexico... the king of Butterflies makes the annual journey again.

43 - Boy Scouts ... watching my husband lead his son and my son grow in to a man [please, no hurry!]

44 - hints of winter blowing in with needed thunder-storms. sweaters and long sleeves in the closet awaiting animation.

45 - big dreams of long road trips... hoping and wishing and planning for them to begin.

46 - tiny moving limbs inside my womb, anticipating the first glance, the first touch, the first smile of someone new in our hearts, lives, home.

47 - progress in the chaos of homemaking and homeschooling... pages turned, lessons learned, chores done.

48 - date night with my beloved, and the fact that he would watch a 'chick-flick' without hessitation [he really does love me!]

49 - new school supplies and curriculum

50 - parents that bless us beyond measure by their love, example and gifts [grandparents that adore my children]

51 - the baby's new words, a new one appearing every day as he learns to communicate

52 - lists being checked off

53 - homeschool friends - the children's friends and mine

54 - golden afternoon sunlight and perfect spots to take pictures

holy experience

Join me at Ann Voskamp's Gratitude Community and count your blessings on your own blog each 'Multitude Monday'. Discover how she 'unwraps beauty' in the commonplace on her blog, "A Holy Experience".

What are you thankful for?


Anonymous said...

My mom has told me that "praise is the perfect antidote to pain" and I often massage that advice, substituting "frustration", "boredom", "anxiety", etc. for "pain." It's so true! Thankfulness is such a great way to put our focus back where it belongs. Thanks for sharing. :) ~K

PS: I envy, oh how I envy that porch!

Gwen T said...

I'm thankful for sounds of children playing outside - "How pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity". Thankful for the sounds of hubby running his power tools in the shop - hard working men are hard to come by these days! Thankful for what the Lord is doing to teach us patience - waiting for the house to sell, for support to reach 100%, to join Wycliffe full time and do what God has called us to do. Thankful that He is patient with me, even though I need frequent re-teaching. :)

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

These posts are challenging me so much! As of today, I've listed 400, but I've got 600 more to go!

Rachel said...

Hello again- another beautiful post! Let's see.... I'm thankful for my daughter finally being asleep because she doesn't sleep a lot :); a great first homeschool week (the best ever, actually); the fact that my laundry is actually all done (that's a rare occasion that I have to celebrate!); and the yummy, easy fajitas that were easy to make tonight.... Life is good.

SchrefflerFamily said...

So... which organizer do you use?

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I love #46 and 47. 46, because I miss those days of feeling babies move within (maybe I'll get to feel it again someday...) and 47, because that is where I'm at and it's a good reminder to be thankful!

Beautiful list!

Sarah said...

Counting along with you ... As always a joy to splash in thankfulness all around.




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