October 01, 2010

K is for Kreative Spelling and Killer Homeschool Deals

K is for Krazy.

Certainly have had a bunch of that going on around here... and no chance of it letting up any time soon. The schedule for this month is surreal - so busy that I can't imagine surviving it without ample amounts of chocolate, prayer and a few miracles. I won't even bother with a list on this post. Trust me. It might scramble your brain. It is better that I leave you in ignorant bliss.

When you think of me in October, say a little prayer for my bizzy honey-bee wings to stay in flight! I'd hate to be just another bee casualty (the likes of which is breaking my bug-loving little heart).

K is for Kooky HomesKool Kids.

I kouldn't resist - this photo is older, but it really sums up our homeschool experience this week perfectly.

K is for Konferences.

Mark your kalendars: Monday, October 4 - Friday, October 8! The Schoolhouse Expo is almost here and if you love pick-me-ups that help give you motivation for your homeschool year (a fantastic, online, five-day audio feast). Here's one way to get your conference fix without having to load up the kids and drag them to town or pay for gas and baby-sitting. This is a virtual conference that you can attend live in your PJs OR listen to later at your own leisure by downloading the audio files.

Tickets are $39... and just look at these speakers:

Jon Taylor Gatto (keynote) - If you have never heard of him, you better start Googling!
Dr. Jay Wile
Todd Wilson
Diana Waring
Carol Barnier
Andrew Pudewa
Hal and Melanie Young
Zan Tyler
Molly Green
Mary Jo Tate
Karen "Spunky" Braun
Lee Binz
Dianne Craft
Kim Kautzer
Deborah Wuehler
Jeannie Fulbright
Heidi St. John
Amanda Bennett
Tricia Goyer

In addition to the 5 day live online conference and virtual vendor hall, you get $240 in E-book gifts and a chance to win over 60 door prizes!

K is for..."Karry your library books in style."

Speaking of TOS, have you seen their new cranberry tote bag? I know you homeschool moms out there have a serious fetish for tote bags (at least I do - I carry my Blissdom bag as a PURSE).

Receive a free cranberry and cream Homeschooling with Heart tote bag and a 2-year subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for just $19.95--through October 2, 2010.
Get a free limited edition, cranberry and cream, Homeschooling with Heart tote bag and a two-year subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for just $19.95. Offer good only through midnight on October 2, 2010 (that's tomorrow folks!).

October 3-5, the deal changes--you'll only receive a one-year subscription. But you'll still get the beautiful tote bag, the Fall Issue, and the Cranberry Christmas E-Book. The bag is gone after the 5th!

Now I'm off to Konquer the rest of my homeschooling Friday. Prayers are koveted.

Disclaimer: I'm a TOS affiliate, so if you use my links to get your mags/totes/expo tickets, I'm sure there will be a few pennies thrown in to my affiliate account.


Traci said...

K, that is just totally Kool and Kreative! Love the Kooky photos!
Be blessed, K?
traci xoxo

Mary Ann Johnson said...

That second photo is one to fame and hang because it is so "real life". I love kooky kids. Thanks for sharing the photo.

Anonymous said...

Klever! ~K



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