November 17, 2010

...And Then Life Happened.

Remember those grand plans of a scheduled blog calendar, a scheduled school week, a general keeping of commitments previously jotted down on my day-planner? Well... let's just say this week is still a 'work in progress'.

- we ran out of diapers and had to go out for errands in the middle of a school day
- the baby wrote on the couch again
- some time after two solid days of teething, uncontrollable flailing fits of baby-rage when he didn't get his way, and waking in the middle of the night for a bottle (reverting back to his infancy)...
- it seems the Viking has caught a cold
- and now he can't breathe (which makes sleeping for anyone in the house difficult)

So I'm praying that little dude doesn't pass his nasty germs to the rest of us because we have another doctor appointment for big sister (who is equally falling apart with her still-undiagnosed chronic back pain and now vision issues) on Friday... along with mama's OBGYN check up for the baby bump.

Because it would stink to go to the doctor sick or reschedule. And,

- my blood pressure may not be perfect right now, either

SO... say a prayer for us and all the other issues we have that are just - well - unbloggable. And I'll be sure to get caught up on that blog calendar list for you as soon as 'normal' (whatever that is) returns to the bee hive.

I haven't forgot about the Geography post, the, the Relevant pictures, and the winner of this week's Christian Music CD give-away. I'm just a bit detained at the moment.

Life is never boring.

*update 11/18 ... and now Morgan is sick...


Susan said...

Hi Heather, So sorry to hear about your daughters continued back pain. Now that you mention vision issues have you considered taking her to a neurologist? They could be connected. I hope you find answers soon. Blessings,

Melissa N. said...

Oh man Heather, I pray all the germs leave the house and everyone gets a clean bill of health! I pray your daughter finds out what it bothering her back and vision also. Hang in there...there are so many reasons to be Thankful! peace to you!

Liz said...

Life is certainly never boring...sometimes it is better that way, and other times it just seems to get in the way.

So sad about your lil family being sick. I hope all gets better and things settle down a bit. Good thoughts coming your way!

Rachel R. said...

I can't imagine why your blood pressure might not be ideal. ;)

Praying for you amidst all the craziness!

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

Life always happens, doesn't it?! I know I see my success and productivity come and go in waves. We were doing pretty good with school and chores and then we've spent the past month dealing with sickness off and on and somehow we found ourselves back in a pigsty that I'd be embarrassed to let anybody peek through the window and catch a glimpse of. But there's an upswing, a rest between the waves, a chance to get ahead and rest a little bit before the next wave. I pray you find a rest between the waves soon! I pray you find an answer for your daughter's back pain. I pray you're all healthy and well again quickly.
Many hugs!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh man can I relate. When one comes down with something you just pray that it doesn't run it's course through the entire house. But sadly- it usually does. Because by the time the first one shows symptoms- they have already been contagious for several days. These are the times when you don't want your kids to share things- right?? :)

I am so happy to have found your blog through Tuckers Take Tennessee. In reading your Why Homeschool? page - I realized that what you wrote could just as easily be posted on my blog- because the reasons, experiences & feelings are so similar. Absolutely love your adorable blog.

Michelle said...

Lots of empathy for ya over here, Spritti!(Minus the little bee in the hive)

We are so ready to be done with sickness in our home after nearly a month, but perhaps God has more lessons for me to learn?!

In the meantime, I'll keep you all in prayer. Not only do you need it, but it is a surefire way to keep this girl from having a pity party!

Rhonda said...

I wished I lived closer and could help out. :(



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