November 29, 2010

No Complaining Zone


It's like swimming through peanut butter around here today. All the more reason a 'gratitude list' might come in handy. Doesn't it drive you mad when:

* you are extremely pregnant and can't move as fast as you want to
* you can see all the things that need to get done and can't do them without help
* you and your homeschooled tweenagers have completely different motivations for the day
* the baby gets sick again
* there are no groceries in the house and your husband took your car to the park and ride
* you were gone for 5 days on 'holiday' and somehow the house looks dirtier than it ever has - and the suitcases won't unpack themselves

So... in honor of the happy, laughing, sick baby who is running around and 'shooting' people with his pretend electric drill (amazing how tiny kids can be happy even if they can't breathe and have to get their nose suctioned every few hours)... I'm going to get my praise on!

Here are a few of the things I'm thankful for (added to my previously started list):

55 - the funny nasal voice of a 20 month old with a cold... I'm Bommy instead of Mommy today.

56 - the fact that the smell of Vicks will eventually fade when the humidifier is put away

57 - the promise that my swollen belly, legs and ankles will be normal again ... soon after the holidays are over

58 - the flat screen TV grandma gave us over Thanksgiving because she got a new one

59 - a friend to help lighten my load and make life more simple

60 - plans and hopes for our personal space... and learning to be patient and wait for the money to carry them out

61 - my new owl dishes from Mardels that I got 75% off

62 - getting to pick out glasses with my little girl and joy over her not needing ones she has to wear ALL of the time

63 - tiny feet to tickle

64 - husband's job that pays the bills

65 - finally matching the box of 'unfriendly' socks in the wash room that has filled to overflowing over the past six months (a sock matching party!)

66 - a lighter school day because of scratchy throats and suitcases to unpack

67 - not having to run the a/c or heat for two days... highs in the low 70's and lows in the low 60's

68 - Milano cookies

69 - fuzzy cats that can be left for 5 days with food and water while we go on 'holiday' and not require a kennel or pet sitter

70 - Uncle Joe's pickles we brought home

71 - a clean kitchen

72 - the floor vacuumed under our couch (because we moved it to see what it would look like in the dining room)

73 - rearranged furniture, something different

74 - baby curls that have numbered days... enjoying the last few weeks before that first haircut

75 - the smell of a new car (it was so nice to have one for three weeks - Thank You, Chevy!)

76 - 'sushine' (minus the n) and 'gorgeous', the baby's new favorite words

77 - silly nicknames

78 - falling leaves

79 - deleted emails

80 - lists getting checked off, even in slo-mo

81 - the little bit of school that will get done today even though we aren't at 100%

holy experience

Join me at Ann Voskamp's Gratitude Community and count your blessings on your own blog each 'Multitude Monday'. Discover how she 'unwraps beauty' in the commonplace on her blog, "A Holy Experience".

What are you thankful for?


Anonymous said...

I love the feeling of moving a piece of furniture and vacuuming the buildup under it. It's so satisfying. :-)
On another note: I feel you on the mess. My husband and I moved the day after Thanksgiving. We've cleared out the boxes by now, but oh boy...

Amanda said...

I LOVE your blog!! I'm a teacher (in a school not homeschool :) also! I found your blog looking for a project for my classroom. We are doing an ecosystem shadow box. I'm now a follower can't wait to read about your other adventures!

You can find me at :



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