November 11, 2010

Randomness with a Plan: My Blog Calendar

I love the quote at the top of my October calendar...

"Warning: Dates on calendar are closer than they appear."

Ain't it the truth? Just look: October is already gone.

Lately the only thing standing between me and a missed blog deadline is a tall glass of tea or coffee... because mama is tired, and fat, and pregnant, and old. And allergic to caffeine because it makes my heart feel like it is going to explode and I can't catch my breath when I drink even the minute amount contained in DECAF.

FACT OF LIFE: Therefore - without caffeine - deadlines are going to get missed around here. Just like this baby is going to get here and disrupt our fledgling attempt at getting back in to a homeschool groove (which only took - what - 20 months after the last stork visit?).

So please take this advice with a grain of salt... and for you 'close pay-attentioners' (I'm tired, so I'm allowed to come up with new words on my own blog, right?)... there might be a few perks because I'm actually showing you the inner details of my November blog schedule. Technically that might mean you could just show back up for the give-aways and skip all the fluff... but I know you are bigger people than that. Good people. Maybe not so smart because you are reading my blog, but good for sure.

Now to get to the title of the post and help you figure out how to stay in the saddle when the month is galloping by at light speed...

Enter brilliant idea to stay on top of busy holiday posting schedules, etc: A blog calendar.

Well, not just a blog calendar, heavens! ANY sort of calendar is good during the holidays to keep yourself from rotating in a circle and asking yourself "what was I doing here?" A homeschool calendar is great (got one - which I'm working frantically on as I enter lesson plans for the entire rest of the year in to Homeschool Tracker for every subject so my kids won't be lost when their tiniest brother arrives on the scene). A menu plan calendar is necessary (totally under-rated... my menu planning - when we do it regularly and actually have money for groceries - is a life saver). A child's student planner might be very helpful for the older ones (big HINT to TOS that I'm ready to review these if you could just email me the PDF - please... so no one gets hurt).

Calendars are great... and if you try not to be such a blasted perfectionist and look at them as a guide rather than a strict do-or-die schedule, you'll find that they can hold your hand through the busy fog (I'm talking to all those adult ADD moms like me out there) and not slap you over the wrist with a ruler when you have to move a deadline out. Because there's only enough time in the day - especially when it is decaffeinated time... am I right?

OK, so here's what my very un-technical blog calendar for November looks like in a nut shell. I'm only showing you one of them - because I have 2 sites that I have been managing the calendars for (for about 5+ years): Sprittibee and The Homeschool Post. Obviously the Post has gotten most of my quality time for a few months... but that's going to change soon. I promise. Once the awards are over, you and me - me and you are going to be back on regular visitation. For better or for worse.

Without further ado...

Sprittibee's November Blog Calendar
11th : Randomness with a Plan (the blog calendar)
12th : Participate in A B See Photomeme (hosted at the Post)
13th : The Secret Weekend

14th : Geography on the Go
15th : Multitude Monday (hosted at A Holy Experience)
16th : Review of ... an awesome product you'll be jealous of me for getting. (P-Touch!)
17th : My Relevant Adventure Series... continues... (excuse to show more pix)
18th : Christian Music Artist Review (3 artists and possibly a give-away!)
19th : FTFF (resurrected original series: Field Trip Foto Friday - DC!)
20th : Link to for the announcement of the blog award winners.
21st : Participate in A B See Photomeme (hosted at the Post)
22nd : Multitude Monday (hosted at A Holy Experience)
23rd : Sweetshot Tuesday (hosted at My 3 Boybarians) - Fall Themed
24th : Relevant Adventure Series... continues...
25th : Happy Turkey Day
26th : Movie Review and Movie/Popcorn Give Away
27th : Pick something from the review box... I'm leaning towards children's books!
28th : Guest Post or a day off to rest (I'll be lucky if I get half of this posted)
29th : Simple Woman Daybook (because these are so fun and easy)
30th : Learning Enrichment for my Homeschool Series (2007-8)
1st : Order of Operations Series... continues... Academics!
2nd : Planning Ahead for College (with some sponsor links)
3rd : FTFF - Pioneer Farms
4th : Pregnancy Update

OK, so now you can watch my blog calendar and know how far behind I am as the days pass with no posts. Maybe this way you can shoulder some of my stress for me so I know that's not the reason why I'm swelling up like a watermelon and look like I'm having triplets already. Or you could hold me accountable via email... and maybe dangle proverbial carrots at me (*like Starbucks gift cards*) if I actually get to my post each day in here.

We'll see how it goes. We're actually doing pretty good (praise God) lately in the homeschool arena. It appears that the kids needed some NEW life pumped in to them by thinner, more energetic teachers that aren't their boring, pregnant mom. Andrew Pudewa (on video) seems to have been the life support we needed to finally get two solid weeks of school done in a ROW. That's huge. Not having a baby in the hospital or our entire family in a hotel in DC has also helped. But I chalk it all up to fervent prayer - and maybe Daddy's threats that if they don't get in high gear, they'll be on a school bus come next September. That always works, too. Good thing our SCHOOL calendar goes on (and on, and on, and on...) until the end of August. For you anal types, that is exactly 180 days worth of school from this past Monday - including our scheduled holidays, of course.

For now, I'm basking in the homeschool groove and hoping I can revive my quiet little spot on the net and not spend so much time over at the Post (as wonderful as it is). Viva la homeschooling... and homeschool bloggers with blog calendars!


Cheryl Pitt said...

I'm getting hives just looking at that list. Have you considered cutting your blog guide back to 4 days a week? Not that I wouldn't love to see you here daily LOL! The only day you can't skip is the 13th, the Secret Weekend. I've been on pins and needles waiting to hear what that was all about!!

The Adventurer said...

i am not having a baby but after just returning from a 6 week holiday we too are struggling to get back into the groove. I think I threaten to send my kids back to school this week too. Hang in there.

Gwen T said...

Good reminder, Heather. I need to do better about doing a blog calendar AND not feeling like I need to do so much.

I feel like people come to my blog so I should at least have something new and witty and interesting, right? :)

I always enjoy reading your posts BUT I certainly think you shouldn't feel guilty cutting back occasionally.

From time to time, I have to ask myself, "Now would I lie on my deathbed regretting I didn't do such and such???"

CloroxConnects said...

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Jessica said...

I'm so glad my husband is not the only one who threatens with the school bus! He says that he'll call to set up a few days to test trial it- kids just need to see how good they truly have it;) Works everytime! Jessica

Stacy said...

That is quite a list! Looking forward to reading those posts. Esp. the ones about Relevant.

I always thankful when you write about your homeschool adventures! It is especially helpful to hear that you feel behind too and that 2 weeks in a row is something to get excited about. Since my last baby was born (a year ago now), we have had such a hard time staying on track :)

Have a great weekend.

Jennefer said...

I have recently recommitted to blogging regularly and it's been great, although I am not blogging nearly as much as you. :) One of the reasons I stopped blogging as much is because I couldn't figure out how to do it and keep all the other plates spinning. Thanks for sharing this; it will help me stay on top of all I need to do! I have already added a "Blog Calendar" section to my Mommy Binder!

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

I tried this once and I think it backfired. ; )

I think I do better just making a list of things to write about and sitting down when I can to write ahead of time and schedule and then sitting down and writing at the last minute when I can't write ahead. =p

And for what it's worth? It's been nearly FIVE years since MY last stork visit and this is the first year I feel really on top of things. So if it only took you 20 months then you're doing great! =)

The Faithful Homeschool said...

I am typing an article about organizing schedules and the importance of blogging to me and how this article put an itch in my brain on how to keep up with it all. May I link to this article and your site in my post?

I pray you are getting some rest with the new baby :-)

Blessings, Amanda

Sprittibee said...

Sure - you can link! ;) Any time people want to link, that's fine. Usually you don't have to ask.



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