December 26, 2010

The Late Holiday Homeschool Swap

It was a difficult month for a swap... with all the craziness of Thanksgiving holidays - traveling and cooking. Tammy certainly pulled it off, though. Her box got here before the latest swap went up, but I dropped the ball getting it posted before the Christmas holidays. How's that for the person who's supposed to be 'leading' the swap? Holiday bustle is no respecter of persons.

So here is a snapshot of my last swap box... complete with:

  • A snowman early reader for the baby (he happens to love "No-mans" the best)
  • A snowman magnet (a favorite with mom and baby)
  • A package of Crayon Rocks (as soon as I feel the baby won't eat them, he'll get to play with them)
  • A game of UNO (the big kids LOVE this - and amazingly, we didn't have it!)
  • Blue pens (you can never have enough pens and pencils in a homeschool house)
  • Colored pencils (perfect for our mapping projects with Mystery of History)
  • A glue stick (how did she know mine was dried up?)
  • A package of hot cocoa with a teaspoon attached (my teaspoon was eaten by the garbage disposal!)
  • A berry scented candle (instant stress relief for when I pay bills)

* Not pictured were two boxes of candy: Skittles and Starburst for the big kids who grabbed them instantly and disappeared in to their rooms. At least they could agree on something for a change. I was afraid it was going to be another war when it wasn't the exact same type of candy... but apparently my daughter likes Starburst enough to let brother get away with the Skittle-nabbing.

What a great package, eh? Tammy is a swapping sensation.

The swap that starts right now is open only for the rest of today... and I think Amanda is going to pair the swappers tomorrow. Hurry and head over to the Post and get your name on the comments before she closes up shop! We only do a swap once every two months! I hope you'll join us! It sure beats getting bills in the mail.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I just saw the FB post and signed up! I have never done it before, and am excited!!



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