February 18, 2011

The Postpartum Mother's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook GraphicI looked back on my blog to see when the last Simple Woman's Daybook got posted and was astonished to find that it was in AUGUST of last year. Little Baby K number 2 was just a gummy-bear in his mama's tummy back then.

I thought I would catch up on my random blogging thread since I'm still in a baby fog. What better to do (when I could be tackling all my procrastination projects or the clean laundry pile - right)?

The view from where I sit ... A messy desk stacked with 'need to do's, Ann Voskamp's 'One Thousand Gifts', the 'Love Dare' that I started today and my prayer journal laid open for marking, my wallet stuffed with receipts to be entered in the digital checkbook (and the accountant - me - ignoring them), a brown Boppy cradling a nursing baby close - the smallest boy curved against his mama's chest.

Outside My Window... Night, the wind, and the train coming soon - I love to hear the train in the distance...

I am thinking... about how hard this new baby thing is on my Viking. Poor thing is having a rough time of it. Bedtime tonight was not a treat.

I am thankful for... my mother, my children, my husband, our health, all the friends who have blessed us with food - prayers - thoughts - gifts for the baby, ... for Ann's book and prayers yet unanswered like a wild quest for joy that I get to journey on.

We are learning... Patience

From the kitchen... silence - and the promise of eggs and bacon in the morning.

I am wearing... my firecracker pajama pants and the softest thrift store shirt

I am creating... a milk monster that won't go to sleep unless he's stuck to his mama.

I am going... crazy - from lack of sleep and guilt over undone things and loose ends.

I am reading... the Bible, Life Management for Busy Women - Elizabeth George, and the two books I listed above that are sitting on my desk.

I am hoping... we can find a groove together - with God's help - that works... melding all our needs and hopes in to a functioning organism, each of us as a member of one body in motion... not limping along, but walking - running - finishing the race set before us. No one left behind.

I am hearing... The whir of my laptop's fan and the click of my keyboard.

Around the house... everyone sleeping.

One of my favorite things... David Nevue's piano music, the new baby gate, wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes again, hot showers, extra large receiving blankets to wrap little restless limbs

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: read, check off my list as best I can, LOVE my husband and my kids in word and deed, send out thank-you cards, get organized

Here's a picture thought that I am sharing:



H-Mama said...

Such a cutie-pie!! Congratulations. :)

Lisa said...

I like David Nevue's piano music too. Adorable baby picture. aww. kiss that cute little nose!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth George?! As in the mystery writer? Curious, 'cause I'm a huge fan. :) Always love seeing a new post from you! ~K

Anonymous said...

Reading Life Management for Busy Women was a turning point for me in my busy life .... really helped me a lot. Love all her books!!



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