March 12, 2011

Instagram Addiction (and other iPhone Photography Aps)

My three boys <3

Hi, my name is Heather and I'm an iPhone photography ap addict.

((Hi Heather!!))

I have a fancy camera and three lenses that I could never replace were I to break them... and all I seem to take photos with these days is my iPhone. Seriously, it's become an addiction since I discovered all of these really fun new iPhone aps.

You can upload your pictures in to all sorts of new aps and fix exposure, contrast, color temperature and saturation (Photoshop Express)... you can crop or make collages (Diptic), you can add bubbles or sparkles of 'light' (More Noel), add labels (Labelbox), make comic strips with captions (Halftone), ....and SHARE the pictures with your friends and the world (Instagram).

My once-a-month frap

That way you can share important moments and capture every-day memories... like your trip through the Starbucks drive-thru (which you are making today between 2 and 5, right? Free cake pops anyone?).

Panda Express

And you can harass your family while they try to eat dinner by taking photos of them chewing their food. And then tweet and facebook them instantly with Instagram. Lovely, eh?

Barnes & Nobles

This one is one of my favorites... the boy going 'round the Thomas Table at Barnes & Noble. Collecting germs. Heavens! Maybe that's where he got it? And now grandma is in ICU because she stayed up with him so he wouldn't get the peanut sick...

My 2 under 2... Need sleep!

Speaking of the peanut... I'm still reading those books about making your kid sleep through the night. I haven't started my plan yet because they suggested waiting until the toddler had adjusted to having a sibling at home first (too traumatic to change sleep patterns at the same time as a family change or a new skill learned). Baby K has been a trooper - learning to sleep with just about anyone in the family instead of just mama. My heart is broken, missing his cuddles, but I'm so happy that he's strengthened his bond with Daddy. Bonus: he's finally started to kiss and notice the baby (and doesn't understand why we're not letting him do it while he's sick, poor thing).


This was my dinner out with the grandparents last weekend. We had an out of town funeral to attend and I actually left THREE of my kids with grandma while we took the peanut and went out of town. Grandma and Grandpa took us to Pappadeauxs for dinner as a treat. If you haven't been there, I highly suggest you go - if you have one nearby. It's been a fave of ours for decades and because it's rather pricey, we don't go that often. Their banana pudding in a mason jar is divine. Our standard order is blackened salmon and dirty rice (split between us both), and Greek salad (split between us both). The Pappa's Brothers are Greek, so they do Greek Salad like no-where else on Earth. Splitting meals leaves us room for dessert... and Pappa's restaurants have amazing desserts.

So... there you have it... a week or two of Instagram love. You can find more on my Flickr account because Instagram instantly uploads to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and more... with just a few clicks. You pick each time where you want the photo to upload. I sound like an advertisement, but honestly, I'm not working for Instagram and it's FREE anyway! Check it out if you have an iPhone! Then look me up so we can connect there, too!


Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I love it, too! And it's so darn handy! I find myself using my iPhone (& Instagram) more often than my fancy camera, but it's just easier!

Unknown said...

I am reading Baby Wise too, but I started late. I read somewhere that it would be too traumatic to start earlier than 4 months...boy were they wrong! I wish I had started earlier! Blessings on your new baby and your new adventures!!

Jill Stanish said...

Belated congrats on your new baby! I highly recommend Baby Wise. We used it successfully with our 6 kids (9 or 10 weeks was the longest it took any of them to sleep a good 8 hours or more at night).

Bagel's Life @ Home & School said...

I just downloaded those apps on my iPhone last night, and am having so much fun trying them out,

Sprittibee said...

Jamie - are we friends on instagram? If not - look me up. I'm Sprittibee there, too.

Mrs. Thielke - My little guy just seems so little right now and he eats ALL night... I'm not sure where to start!

Jill - Thanks! Mine is close to 6 weeks right now, but I can't imagine starting this early. WOW on getting all 6 of yours to sleep so early. Did you co-sleep with any of them? Breastfeed?

Elizabeth - Glad you like the aps! Look me up on instagram!

Talysa said...

I just wrote a post about this too! My poor {expensive} camera has dust on it. ;-)

Kent Weakley said...

Love these images. The fact that you build them into collages, makes them like mini journal entries. They feel like stories or time capsules. What a great way to capture and preserve your family memories. Thanks for sharing!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I am just now venturing back to the web land on a computer! HA HA! I remember many a day of living on my phone on facebook while holding my new Noah.

And who cares if it is an iphone when it looks so great!

Hen Jen said...

I love iphone photos too, I don't have all the cool apps you , do, I have to go get them! I did babywise with all 4 of my kids (tho my oldest was 9 months old when we started & would not nap at all-talk about desperate!) -I did the program they had before that book. It's a great idea, just listen to your mom-sense of course, and you will do fine :)



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