May 19, 2011

A Carnival and a Swap


I'm chasing my own tail over here...

::laundry spilling down the hall and over my bedroom floor (I picked clean clothes off of the floor this morning -- my mother would be mortified)::

::half of the living room and kitchen are painted -- paint gear dotted throughout my downstairs: trays, blue painter's tape, sticks and brushes, cans of creamy coffee colors::

::dishes piled high from last night's taco night with friends::

::desk in disarray -- haven't had time to sit down for more than a brief nursing session in what seems like weeks::

::kids in transit -- mid-week sleepovers for birthday treats, out to eats, shopping and bringing breakfast late on Thursday::

::squeaking busy babies, Sesame Street watching toddlers -- lots of needs being met on demand::

::you don't want to hear the sad sob story about my email box -- just know that if you are trying to get me and I don't respond, I'm not snubbing you, I promise::


So, that would explain why my swap gift is late... and my swap partner is probably disappointed. I am hoping to send her box this Friday. [please forgive??]

Here's what I got from Mel in West Sussex (pictured above):

1. British Flag and Bear Coffee Cup
2. Ref's Whistle treats -- "Fruit Flavour Sweet in Plastic Whistle"
3. Brochures from England
4. Strawberry Laces -- looks a lot like Twizzlers Cherry Licorice Sticks
5. Punch Ball Balloons
6. Luxury Bread Sauce -- which I assume is a gravy of some sort?
7. Desk Tidy -- pins, paper clips, rubber bands for the home office
8. Red and blue note paper with a royal crown on the front cover
9. Cookie confection notecards and envelopes

I love how Mel described her homeschooling in England:

"We are what we call in this country flexi-structured. This means we follow the National Curriculum and then add our own twists to it. We start school at 9.30 am and usually finish about 3.30pm. That's on days when the girls don't have tutors or workshops that we attend. We are flexible in that if it's a glorious day we will do lessons on the beach or in the woods. If there is a topic we are studying we will arrange educational visits to tie in with the subject matter."

I forgive her for not sending any Hobnobs. [Just kidding... sortof.]


As for the Carnival of Homeschooling, I'm planning to host next week (because I needed another thing to do). The theme will be FLAGS for Memorial Day (and my swap gift flag note paper fit the theme perfectly!) -- theme idea courtesy of Jenn, @dazeofadventure. She's my brain these days. I would not be functioning online without her.

I sure wish she was next door though, because it's crazy around here.

1 comment:

higglepea said...

Hi Sprittibee,
So glad your box arrived safely, I was very worried about the mug getting to you in one piece!
Did you get the long pink and yellow plastic tubes in the box? You swing them round in the air above your heads and they will whistle loudly?
Sorry about the hob nobs x will have to send some next time we are paired up, there just wasn't enough room to squeeze them in!
Love and light Mel xXx



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