May 27, 2011

Field Trip Photo Link Up at the Homeschool Post

Remember my Field Trip Foto Friday meme over here that I started back when dirt was created? Yeah... the one that I never could keep up with (#storyofmylife)? Well, I've turned it over to the Homeschool Post -- and now everyone can play along since there are people there who actually know how to code linky link ups and stuff. And people actually blog over there regularly. Takes a village. Or at least a little free time.

I amaze myself sometimes -- the lack of skills. I'm proof that it pays to stand on the shoulders of giants -- it pays to have friends who have skills.

But. I did make that purdy graphic for the Fantastic Foto Fieldtrip Meme at the Post. I had this image in my head of a bright little iPhone map icon... and it might not have turned out THAT bright... but it's cute, none-the-less. If for no other reason, please click through and visit the Post so you can tell me what a Picnik diva I am.

And link up your field trip posts. Yep, even those old dusty ones from 2005. I did. The one I linked this month was from 2006, but I think the actual field trip was back in like 2002 or something crazy like that. My son was -- wait for it -- FIVE in the picture.

I took that same boy to the doctor today for his ear pain (he has a nasty cold that he's sharing with the other two kids in my house that can walk). Apparently you have to drink a LOT of water when you are going through puberty because his ear pain, dizziness, and possibly even fever were all attributed to dehydration. I thought he had an ear infection, naturally. He's happily guzzling Gatorade (the only good thing about being dehydrated, he would tell you) -- and gloating that he's now 1/2 inch taller than his mama. Gloating with a crackly voice.

Help. Me. My baby is 14!

I think I'll go find some chocolate now and stare at the picture of him poking his stick in the pond when he was five. Then I'll cry myself to sleep.

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