May 31, 2011

Of Viruses and Vegetables

Underwear Hat

Yesterday we had thought the kids were all on the mend and allowed three of them to go outside and play for the holiday. All four of my kids had a fever and sinus issues last week (they fell like dominoes, one after the other Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) -- one after the other -- starting with my 12 year old. None of them sounded like they needed fish thrown at them, though. Until the 2 year old Viking came in our room this morning at 4AM with a seal in his throat and part of his voice missing.

I was afraid that he had the beginnings of pneumonia or bronchitis (which is what my mom had the last time she sounded similar). Just in case he needed antibiotics and xrays, I thought it best to send him to the ER... with Dad and sister - since 4 month old little brothers can't tag along to a germ-infested ER while their immune systems are already compromised.

Thankfully, the little dude only needed a steroid shot (something daddy should also consider -- since he's had sinus issues for two weeks). Apparently, while he sounds awful, he doesn't need antibiotics. Poor baby cried for his mommy the whole morning while I laid awake pining for him - nursing his brother. Being the mom of 2 under 2 is sometimes a real battle. I was very torn this morning on what to do and how to go about the situation.

As for counting my blessings in this past week of sickness, I'd have to say that high on my list would be my daughter's new found love of polymer clay. I adore art, so I love it when we get a good dose of it infused in our homeschooling. She told me early in the week last week that she wanted some wood tools to whittle necklace charms. I introduced her to polymer clay instead -- and she's been making amazing little works of art since then. She's hoping to start an Etsy shop -- good for her!

We also got a lot of history reading done, some great Bible devotionals, and science and history Netflix movies. So even if school wasn't able to be in full swing, at least the kids got to touch on some subjects while everyone was down and out.

Today will be another day "off" with naps and home made chicken soup... but I'll be sneaking in a little reading while they aren't expecting it. The kids are pretty smart about my 'stealth' homeschooling methods now that they are teens... but I can usually bribe them with computer time... even when there are sore throats, sniffles and coughs.

What kind of school do you sneak in on sick days?


Rachel E. said...

Get well - All of you. Then get some rest.

Mike K said...

I have put together a daily blog intended to be used as an additional study tool for you and your child. History, math, science, vocabulary, and geography are given every day many with a link to the document to study. I also have researched sources that I hope may be helpful to you as an aide for your child. The site is actually very child friendly in terms of use.
I ask you to visit it and see what it has to offer. The first post “The Furniture of the Human Mind” will explain the site and hopefully you will look around.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! I do movies and and lots of reading on sick days. ~K

Unknown said...

Awww, so sorry to hear of the sick kiddos. Those polimer clay figures of the vegetables are fantastic! My son is nuts about Paulo Frere's "Fast Food" book. Those miniature figures remind me of that 'food art'. And Etsy is so much fun. Best of luck to her!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I am sorry your house has been so sick. :(

My son is making similar things with fondant and gumpaste. You should get her some!

Witchdoctor said...

Hey, I know this will sound like some unsolicited advertising, but my husband is a polymer clay artist. Show your daughter his website just to show her some different things you can do with it. We sell in Dallas every year and kids seem especially drawn to his work. I am so glad she is discovered polymer.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Hope everyone gets well soon. I vote the chicken soup will help!!



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