May 05, 2011

A Short List on Thursday

Number 1 - YO Mama

Funny Pictures - Happy Mother's Day Cats
See more Lolcats and funny pictures at I Can Haz Cheeseburger.

Don't forget to send your mom a card today. It won't get there in time if you don't.

Oh, wait - it's after 7pm. Forget that reminder.

Guess who didn't get her cards in the mail today?

Yep. I suck.

Number 2 - A Give Away


On Mother's Day, we'll be reviewing some awesome mom-related stuff for those with little'uns at the Homeschool Post, including books, products and toys. There will be a multiple-product give-away included! Don't miss it!

Number 3 - A Piano Recital

Hiding behind the baby grands

I hid behind the baby grand pianos along the side wall and watched the entire show. Three poopy diapers (one up the back) and a change of baby clothes later, we all went out to eat lunch with grandma at Panda Express. Morgan was upset because of her mistakes, but I've never seen a girl so serious about learning a song. She decided the WEEK before the concert that she was going to do an Owl City song -- which was a more difficult piece than she has ever played -- and she practiced her heart out and was willing to go on stage and play in front of her grandparents and the whole audience. I give her an A plus - even with all the slips.


Number 4 - The Blue-Eyed Baby is Three Months Old

Blue eyes.

Which kind of explains why there's not much else on my list (and not much getting done on the to-do list, either). He's cooing and laughing ... he turns from tummy to back ... he chews his fists and drools like teething is on the way ... he nurses like a starved animal constantly (I'm in that "The Boppy is a Ball and Chain" stage) ... and he is so stinkin' cute (heavy on the stinkin' part most of the time) that I could eat him up.

One day I may wish that I had. But that is for another post ... about teenagers and the dangers of homeschooling them - - until they have a better vocabulary than you do - - and much more energy...

...time for a nap.

1 comment:

Ralene said...

Just wanted you to know that you're not the only one that sucks. I went through all the "fun" of having the kids make Mother's Day cards for the grandmas...yep, it's Thurs and I didn't send them out. I suck.



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