July 18, 2011

You're So Vain... You Probably Think This Post is About You, Don't You?

I'm as tired as I look.

V is for Vanity, Vainglory, and Very-very-very Tired. Every now and then, mama takes a picture of herself to document that she exists - since 99.8999 % of the rest of our family photos only include Daddy and the Varmints.

Having pictures of yourself is Valuable - to make sure the kids remember what mama looked like 'back in the day'. Especially if you are an ancient mommy like me... one who will be nearly 60 by the time her last one reaches adulthood. I guess we'll just give the house to the kids and move in to the nursing home then.

Disney World will probably be out of the question. Dramamine is already failing my husband (he chickened out at Six Flags last year and I hadn't even given BIRTH to our youngest kid then).

OK, so maybe V is for Very-very-very OLD.

In my case, V is also for VACATION - of which I haven't had in quite some time. I'll be taking NEXT WEEK (not this week) OFF from homeschooling (at least the academic parts) while I Venture off across Texas with my partner in crime: Jenn Perry. Jenn and I are going to burn up some Texas freeway with my V8.

No, really, I have no idea if it is a V6 or a V8. Ask my husband. It just sounded good in that paragraph. And I'm not sure V6 or V8 matter on a Vehicle with 150,000+ miles on it.


Austin, Houston, San Antonio -- here we come! A Texan loves the chance to show off her state. "Remember the Alamo!"

Expect the letter W to be exciting; that's all I'm sayin'.

Jenn's already on her way to Texasville! Hope she's bringin' some rain.

Vamoose, woman!

And as our Mexican neighbors down South might say...


More info about this alphabetical photo meme is below...

Join me at the Homeschool Post for the A B See Meme (an alphabetical photo meme) and a chance to win a prize each month. Almost every week they put FIVE of the best alphabet pictures on their blog each week to showcase them. Once a month, a random winner is selected from the best photos that were showcased. All you do is upload your photos to their Flickr Group. You don't even technically have to be a blogger to play along... you just have to have an alphabetical themed photo and a flickr account! By the way, Flickr is free!

The meme is posted on Saturdays or Sundays each week and you can start on the letter A or get all RANDOM on everyone and do it out of order. Whatever floats your boat.

Here are the links to the past few 'A B See' posts I have done here:
A is for antique.
B is for bugging big-sis.
C is for computer.
D is for digger.
E is for eat... and Elmers.
F is for fried rice.
G is for goofy girl.
H is for Heather.
I is for insect.
J is for joy.
K is for Kreative Spelling and Killer Homeschool Deals.
L is for live music.
M is for matryoshka.
N is for national cemetery.
O is for Orchids and Opryland.
P is for Pregnant.
Q is for quack.
R is for rocks.
S is for street.
T is for Train and Tunnel of Turmoil
U is for unwound.

Tip: Use the dictionary to get ideas if you are stumped on a letter. No excuses! Get to clicking!

You have until each Saturday morning to load your picture on the Flickr group and be considered for the top five that will be displayed next week. Don't forget: A prize goes out each month to one random participant! This month's prize is from MABEL's LABELS! You don't want to miss it!


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

So what are you and Jenn doing across Texas? Fun, I'm sure.

Why aren't you coming to Colorado? Boo hoo for me. Cause it is all about me, after all.

Educational Curriculums said...

Good one!!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Jenn is coming?! You lucky ducky!!!

Too bad we're heading back on Monday or I would force y'all to come visit me!

Patricia said...

What a fun post, Heather. You are VERY gorgeous. Truly. And as the 60 yo shutterbug (as Patsy C. calls me) mother of a very young adult young woman, I totally get everything you said. You're going to be so, so happy about that when the time comes. Trust me. XOXOX

Tammy said...

I remember showing vacation pictures to my mom one time. She asked me why there wasn't any of me. Wasn't I there? I told her yes, I was the one operating the camera.

Unknown said...

Oh, I try to stay out of pictures as often as I can. My poor child will just have to burn a copy of me into her brain. HA HA

Hope you guys have tons of fun driving across Texas. That is my home state---live in Georgia now. Sure miss Tex-Mex and Beef BBQ! Have fun and stay safe.


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