September 23, 2011

Snips of Our Week

Brace Face #incourage
What happens in the quiet moments at our little Bee Hive between posts? Tell me what a quiet moment is and I'll let you know!

It is never quiet around here!

The Did-This-Week List:

1. 14 year old got braces and has already had a trip back in to have wires clipped, glue sanded off, and brackets popped back in to place. There has been much ingestion of pain medicine and eating of soft foods. OH, don't feel sorry for him. He's milking it - in the form of ice cream and Atkins chocolate shakes (which are usually off limits except for a rare occassion).

My Daughter's Manga #incourage

2. The 12 year old has been drawing like a mad woman because we have had so much going on that schoolishness is on the back burner. Life and Art. Art and Life. Everything is learning.

3. We're reading Gods, Graves, & Scholars: The Story of Archaeology by C.W. Ceram - and hoping that we can finish it this weekend.

Best iPhone App Ever #incourage #instagramlove

4. I am hearting Instagram - as always. #swoon ... Love this web page where you can actually comment and check out Instagram on your PC. Oh, and love seeing my pics in slo-mo over at the #incourage search:

5. I have hardly slept over the past week for all the emailing and spreadsheeting and behind-the-scene-ing work we've been doing over at the Homeschool Post. Click that button and go see our prize pages - we have some great loot lined up for our 20 winners this year!

6. Katie Haggard won the Dolphin Tales movie star phone call! Excited for her and her sweet kiddos! Katie and I get to hang out next month in Austin! #woot

7. The book cases are nearly finished! Yay!

Making life easier. #incourage #bookcases #mixer

8. The 10 year old Kitchen Aid Mixer I got from my friend Ronna is to blame for the stalling of our diet plan. Seems baking is a breeze with this much technology on the counter and my husband and daughter have made home made cookies every other day for nearly two weeks. This proves the theory that God only gives you what you need WHEN you need it (because I've been hoping to get a Kitchen Aid Mixer for 10 years - and just look how fat I would have been if this thing were on my counter that long).

What about you? What have you been up to?


Shannon Wallace said...

I thought your son looked different! I remember getting braces. YAY for a Kitchenaid. They are wonderful for making mashed potates, homemade beans for bean and cheese burritos, cakes, cookies (as you mentioned), homemade bread, homemade whip cream, etc. I'd be lost without mine! And the bookshelves are amazing! May I ask how much money it cost to build those? I'd love some for somewhere in our house. Bye!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

mo is such a talented artist.

so glad y'all came over today! the boys had a great time together and so did i. :)

i <3 my kitchenaid mixer. it makes whipping up things entirely too easy. my first kitchenaid mixer was purchased with money i won from a baking contest at work-- hooray for my turtle cheesecake! even though we were poor and i didn't feel like baking anything when it was already 9pm the night before, david motivated me by saying he would match whatever money i won... and it would be just enough to get my coveted kitchenaid. LOVE IT!



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