September 10, 2011

What Happened to Summer?

1. Trophy Oaks, 2. Road Warrior, 3. Put your other foot in your mouth. #incourage #babies, 4. Slurp! #incourage #soup #sweetTea #Texmex, 5. Jenn and the baby bee., 6. #thsc2011 Stroller Alley, 7. #thsc2011 woodlands waterway marriott, 8. Pink Polkadotted Caped Avenger, 9. Phat Mama and The Complainer, 10. Grand Piano .... Today's theme shot "from above" | "my entry for the @photojojo #pinstagram photo contest" (1 entry per day/only tag today), 11. Bathtime Feet, 12. She's starting to use her colored pencils more. Love it! #illustration #Anime #drawing #incourage

Still stuck in July.

I had such a great time in July.

August was a huge black hole... gone before it started - filled up with projects leftover from the summer, getting back in to a school routine, keeping teething babies happy, and lots of decluttering.

Here we are and it is already SEPTEMBER.

Heavens, I can't believe I'm saying that. Just yesterday I was feeling the kick of new life inside my belly, awaiting the arrival of my sweet new bundle of boy.

Now he's sitting up, pulling to standing, letting go of one hand while standing up, has 2 teeth, is eating some baby foods, wears the same size diaper as his 2 year old brother, babbles and giggles, and is picking up tiny things with his pinchers. Pretty soon he'll be driving.

What has your first few weeks of school been like? A blur? I hear ya.

Are you taking photos with your iPhone? Joining in on the #incourage collage by using the #incourage hashtag for your Instagram pictures? Remember that Dayspring is going to make a real life collage of them for the Relevant conference this October! Keep showing them what is encouraging you.


P.S. This is my Camera Phone Friday post for yesterday, too. I'm always late.

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1 comment:

Tiany said...

Sweet pics Heather, the summer really did fly by. Kinda sick over it myself. Before we know it we will be wrapping Christmas presents and ringing in 2012! Oy vey



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