October 02, 2011



Look in to my eyes.

Yes. You.

You are feeling very sleepy. You will do as I say.

You will not blog. Or cook. Or clean. Or do schoolwork. Or shower. Or pay bills. Or do paperwork. Or email. Or pet the cat. Or put on make-up.

You will only play with me.

When you wake up, you'll forget that I said all of this... but you'll still obey me every time you look in to my blue eyes.

You are useless to resist me.


Mama Kautz said...

yes....anything you say you adorable blue eyed kissable sweetie!

Bon Crowder said...

I can resist the whine, but I can't resist the look!

charityjojo said...

Love it! I completely get this...so easy to just snuggle up with the baby all day and do absolutely nothing else all day...if only...I sure miss mine being babies (my own five kids range from age 14 down to 5 now...boo-hoo).

(Okay, 'fess up - you used to listen to Information Society in your pre-mama life, didn't you? This is coming from a like-minded, believin', homeschool mama - and once-upon-a-time fan of Information Society - who happen to hail from the Twin Cities, where I'm from - that's Minnesota, of course...)

Sprittibee said...

Yes, Charityjojo - I did listen to them. I saw them in concert once in Austin when I was a teen. ;) I'll probably get a LOT more done when my smallest is 5, but I'm enjoying these little baby moments almost entirely TOO much around here. My blog is suffering because of it. Oh, well!

Donetta said...

One word - ADORABLE!!! :)

Dana Wilson said...

You just let that blog go and don't worry a thing about it. It will be there when that precious guy is a little older! Cuddling a baby is definitely the higher calling. :-)

Mine are now 22 and 19, but it seems like yesterday...!

Dana Wilson

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Yep, I have those same pair of blue's here! Dang babies!

clementina said...

what a smile)))))))))))))))))))))))))



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