October 08, 2011

iLove my iPhone

Do you camera phone? ALL of my camera phone pics up to this far have been with a 3G iPhone. Not even a 3Gs! My iPhone camera also takes pretty blurry shots and is unable to tag a barcode - so don't think that photographer-people (of which I'm the least) are better at taking pictures with their fancy DSLRs. Sure, someone else might take a great shot with a DSLR - but I'll say it until I'm blue in the face: "The best camera is the one you have with you." Images are for you to love - not to compare. It's not a contest, it's your life - so click it up and stock up in digital memories! I'd be lost without my camera phone.


1. Today's #roadtrip ... Brought to you by #Ford and #McDonalds ;), 2. Sonic Ice Cream Run. So much for not keeping sweets around., 3. #Chipotle has brown rice! #incourage, 4. Grubby little piano fingers.... #incourage #music, 5. Advertisement in Better Homes and Gardens. Kids asked how they got a picture of me. LOL, 6. My nest. The decoy pillow., 7. Prayer Journal Owl (Target) #incourage, 8. Gummy smiles #incourage, 9. Little fluffy sleeper. #incourage #angelbaby, 10. Nursing station. Dining room. #Homeschool table. #whateverworks #incourage, 11. 7 months and cruising already. #littlelegs, 12. Mommy's sleepy boy #incourage

camera phone friday at my home sweet home online

Remember my little "31 days of being unplugged" project? Sadly, unplugging is harder than it appears. Hosting a Homeschool Blog Awards requires a heinous amount of email... and other such burn-eyes-into-the-wee-hours-staring-at-laptop-monitor type detail work.

But lets recount the GOOD part of last week, shall we? Instead of focusing on our pitfalls? Yes...

Mama made a conscious effort to love on the kids more. She did her bible study ONE day last week (don't throw any tomatoes please). There was this short span of about 30 minutes when the laundry wasn't on the floor in any room of the house; then the dryer finished and another clean load got dumped at the foot of my bed. Such is life.

I planned ahead to have a friend visit with her kids - and we had a play date right in the middle of a school day: because we could... all in the name of socialization. The big kids enjoyed their 6 new playmates, but the two year olds (hers and mine) spent the time suspiciously eying each other and making ugly faces over toys. I guess socialization only works on older kids.

I mailed my package to Tiffany. The SUV seems different now that "the box" is no longer riding around with us behind the third row seat. After three weeks back there, we were getting sort of attached to it. So glad to get her sweet text when it made its way to her happy home.

I did manage to sync my Outlook tasks with my iPhone through an app called ToDo. So far so good. I'll post about it later if anyone is interested. It's pretty self explanatory after you download the program on your phone, though. I have been really tired of the multiple paper lists with duplicate tasks in various places floating around and getting lost when I need them. It was time to get serious about the to-do list, so I entered all of my list in to Outlook - which so far has been the best looking to-do list program I have seen. I love that I can check off something now on my phone when I am out.... and when I get home it syncs to the laptop on our home wireless network - like magic through the air. Rainbow list-checking magic.

I managed to stay at 10lbs lost this week despite my daughter making carrot cake for her grandma. Oops went the diet. And then oatmeal cookies tonight. I'll start fresh on Monday! Another 15 lbs or so to go.

I've also taken more instagram photos. Especially this past couple of days. We got a bit of rain today and the two year old looked cute under the red lady-bug umbrella.

Couldn't help myself... I pre-ordered a 4S iPhone so I can have a video camera and a better camera and faster processor speed for the trip to Relevant 11 this month. So excited to get that in the mail. No - really. Like I almost cried when they told me it would be up to three weeks in the mail before I got it. In fact, I might cry still. {iLove mi some iPhone} The two teeniboppers in my house are arguing over who gets mama's old iPhone now. Any ideas on how to figure out which big kid should get it - besides the proverbial coin toss?

How was your week? How is school going at your house? We're still dragging our feet after a good 4 weeks on... and a smattering of trying to get back in the routine after my big kids got braces within 2 weeks. Hoping next week is the 'charm'.

Happy first full weekend in October. I heart fall. Also: don't forget that Monday is the opening for nominations at the Homeschool Blog Awards. And just in case you didn't know - this blog can't be nominated.

Off to stuff my face full of oatmeal cookies... and did I mention that iCan't wait until iGet my new iPhone?

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Catherine Anne said...

I just ewww and ahhh over all the quick iphone pics my friends have...
For now I am working on being thankful for this oldschool flip-phone. LOL

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