November 08, 2011

The "I Need a Clone" Edition of Sprittibee

I'm back at it again... writing blog posts in the shower. Speaking of... if you are a writer - or just a parent - that does their best thinking ALONE in the shower (whether that's the only moment in your day you get alone, you don't have to tell me)... you might want to get one of THESE things:

My AquaNotes notepad has been really handy. Even for leaving notes for the husband (who leaves the house before 5:30AM). I love blogging in the shower. If only they made waterproof computers... until then, I'll be using my AquaNotes pad & pencil - the old fashioned way to shower-blog.

Until the kids are all four in college I have time to blog daily again, there's always the 140 character version of my brain dribble on Twitter.

You might miss important tweets like this one if you don't subscribe to the tweetishness:


... yes - even recipes. For the over 140 character version of the soup (for those of you who love me enough to read my blog): let's see... 3/4 cup lentils, leftover chicken stock from last night's rotisserie, chopped chives, leftover rosemary baked chopped potatoes that were cooked in olive oil, a dash of lemon pepper, water, coriander powder, sumac, poultry seasoning, dehydrated onions, garlic salt, pepper, salt, a can of mixed veggies, leftover green beans (chopped)... and it was oh, so yummy. My 2 year old asked for seconds. My leftover soups are always different - never make the same one twice. Twitter helps me remember what I cooked so I can try to re-create it later.

Bet you never thought about twitter as a kitchen tool. Didja?

Toothless Monster

I've been up to the usual around here... cooking (hence the soup for today's lunch), cleaning (besides the collosal laundry pile in my bedroom that we're busy avoiding - and picking clean clothes from each day), homeschooling (between pain pills and teen 'tudes), and generally surviving. The surviving part includes nursing my 12 year old back to health after nearly all of her teeth were pulled yesterday. Ten of them. Including her wisdom teeth. She used to be so smart...


And the night before the surgery I took her to the McDonald's drive thru for french fries and got her medicine at the 24 hour drive-thru pharmacy so she could start taking it before her teeth were pulled (because I love doing things last minute)... and then came home to get the voting pages up for the Homeschool Blog Awards. Thank the Good Lord that we hired someone this year to get the nominations and polls done because I guarantee you that there would have been no awards this year with my available amount of free time.

You are going to go over there and vote, right? There are like 1,186 nominated blogs. More than enough reading material for the rest of your online time - forever.

Oh, and if you want a lovely November desktop wall paper, Dawn came up with something so lovely in brown and yellow... just in time for Thanksgiving. You have to click over there to get the bigger versions to download...

And just a little side note: the baby of the family had his 15 minutes of fame at The Relevant Conference. Check out his appearance in this lovely blogger video for Veggie Tales! Amanda did such a great job editing. {wish she would teach me how to vlog - I'm video impared}

Isn't he cute? I know something he's needing for Christmas now! Amazing how it's already time to start making those lists out - this year has flown by!

Everything fits in to this thing we call life (and life for us is learning) and that's worth blogging about.

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Disclosure: the AquaNotes was given to me free to try after I whined on a blog post about needing a waterproof tablet to take notes with. My opinion is uncompensated and I really do love it!


Jamie said...

Those Aquanotes are clever! I've never seen those before, but I sure have my share of ideas in the shower. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

You are too funny!

Christin @ Joyful Mothering said...

I voted! Yay! :)

My 9-year old is going for her first orthodontic consultation next week. It seems after an exam at the dentist while I was at Relevant, what they found under her gums was one big nightmare.
So, we're gearing up for that journey (and thankful to God for His provision for it since I was not given that privilege as a child).

Don't take that wrong, I'm not bitter (really, I'm not). I'm more happy my daughter can have that taken care of. :)

Maggie Hogan said...

Wow - I love the random epic loveliness of this post! From water-proof notepads [BRILLIANT] to little drummer boys to tweeting recipes to dental nightmares... you are always entertaining my friend!
Hugs - Maggie
PS - I just completed Day 3 of my first ever Blog Hop!! Go me! And check it out. Even has PICTURES ;-)

Anonymous said...

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e-Expeditions said...

Those AquaNotes are just too cool. :D

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Sad to say I seriously need the waterproof notepads for my shower! This was a fun blogpost!!

Sheri said...

TEN teeth! Holy crow!



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