November 19, 2011

The Pros and Cons of a Farmish Field Trip on Friday

Two #texas critters I love

I missed my blogging deadline yesterday at the Homeschool Post. I was supposed to say "The polls are closing" and few other fun announcements... but I was busy all day from the time I woke up - hardly stopped to eat. The day was so eventful, that I wanted to recap it for you. It was worth sharing.

Sleigh bells on horses with no hope of snow. #texas #country

The big event was a field trip to a dairy farm where they make raw milk, cheese, yogurt, and sell other good foods like jam, salt, soap, and maple syrup. I'll review the field trip for you on my Field Trip Foto Friday series later. For now, just sit back and enjoy the photos and have a little laugh at my expense.

Cows and Cowboys #Texas #country

Friday Cons

1) Getting everyone ready for the field trip took forever.
2) I rushed around cleaning up for the in-laws to visit before we left.
3) When giving my daughter her antibiotic, I absentmindedly TOOK it myself.
4) McDonald's drive-thru was renovating, so I had to go in and carry everything out.
5) We got there 45 minutes late and missed the trailer ride.
6) Had to drive 20 minutes out of the way coming home because I was so low on gas.
7) The gas hose malfunctioned and sprayed my entire arm with gasoline at the pump.
8) I had to smell gas the entire way home on a long drive and my arm was stinging.
9) When I got back in my car, the tea spilled on my leg.
10) My inlaws beat me home and had to wait outside for 20 minutes.

Cheese cooler at Sand Creek Farm #texas #country #organic #dairy

Friday Pros

1) The outhouse made me so very thankful for running water and indoor plumbing.:::
2) It was grey and not too much sun (makes for great photos and less sunburn).:::
3) Very thankful that the vehicle got us there without excitement; boy those dirt roads were bumpy!:::
4) The farm was awesome and all of us enjoyed being out in the fresh air and seeing the animals.:::
5) Oh, my - the goodies we brought home are delicious.:::
6) My in-laws bought us pizza, so I didn't have to cook.:::
7) Payday came early.:::
8) The iPhone Mapquest and Gas Buddy apps work like a charm.:::
9) I got some fantastic iPhone pictures with the 4S (it was worth the upgrade just for the camera).:::
10) The baby looked cute in the shirt grandma got him (Kaden called him the "Techno-color Sith Lord"):::
11) I found a Four Square location called "Middle of Nowhere" and checked in - gave me a chuckle!:::

Gas Buddy is a fabulous iPhone app!

So, the day was not a loss after all. Even if you can still smell gasoline on my arm despite the scrubbing.

And, while I didn't get my blogging done, I enjoyed a busy day of IRL. You know - you won't have much to blog about if you aren't really living. Our farmish field trip fun inspired me to get back to my homeschool series in here. Nice to have a field trip to review for a change. The babies both behaved perfectly, so maybe I will venture out more with my two under two. Helps to have teens around for sure... (another Pro I forgot to list).

10 comments: said...

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вебпромо said...

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! That was a rough list of cons. I do appreciate that you shared it, though, as I wholeheartedly related to your "troubles".

I laughed out loud and then I laughed again over this one, but only because I thought that I was the only one who would do something like this:

3) When giving my daughter her antibiotic, I absentmindedly TOOK it myself.

Thank you for not only sharing the cons of the day- because you made all of us who've had "one of those days" feel a little more normal, but also for sharing the pros so that the focus is brought back around to where it should be.... counting our blessings.

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