December 10, 2011

iPhone-o-Graphy: The Two Under Two Edition


1. Bath time with mama #incourage, 2. Vampire Baby : cutting teef, 3. Can't deny the DNA on that one. #daddylookalike, 4. Handsomerest, 5. Nap time is golden. #incourage, 6. The Eye of the 2yo Hurricane ;), 7. Unscripted Sweetness - brothers holding hands #mademyday #incourage #love, 8. Chipotle Two, 9. Might as well put a bottle top on the jug. Kid loves milk.

Life is made up of moments... and seasons... and it is a rare treat to get to revisit a season that you thought was lost forever. Sometimes God saves miracles in His back pocket... like movie tickets for a date you weren't expecting.

That's my little boy life right now. It seems it all circles around these two under two.

But I'm painfully aware - it is crystal clear with my fourteen year old's adam's apple and lanky legs to remind me - that seasons are short. A first Christmas becomes a fifteenth before you know it.

Forgive me if I can't break away from these rubber band wrists and pudgy baby thighs to keep up in here. I'm a woman in love... and a woman that is twice blessed and knows it.

Two sets of beautiful kids. Both sets 23 months apart... with a ten year gap in between them. [No, I didn't plan that - God did.]

Some people say I started a new family, but it's all the same family, really... it's just one that kept growing and becoming more wonderful. Don't know what I would do without my sweet little guys now that they are here. [Besides get a whole lot more homeschool done - and possibly have a much cleaner house!]

Hey - the bottom of the laundry basket isn't my destination of choice, anyway... And who needs a clean house when there are trains to play with???

Disclaimer: Having little ones is not without it's difficult moments. Regardless of the stress, PLEASE take time to snuggle and smile together - and count your blessings, because truly, childhood is fleeting.

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Unknown said...

=) This post just made my whole night. I have two little boys, the oldest is 26 months old, the littlest, 13 months old. It feels as if they will never get older...that they will stay babies forever, but now that I read this, you have another set, and you KNOW...I am going to swallow my complaints, put down the laundry basket, and cuddle with my babies. Thank you...thank you...

Shannon Wallace said...

Yes, childhood is fleeting! Somedays I just stop and hold my Evan (who is 6) and smell his hair and close my eyes and try to capture that moment forever. Though I am so imperfect and get frustrated, I am seeing more and more how much of a blessing children are, and I pray the Lord blesses us with His time (that's so hard for me to say). I want a baby NOW, but I have to be patient. :)

Jennifer Kindle said...

Love this!



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