December 18, 2011

My Bad Christmas Cat

Who, me? #christmas #cats

:::Who, me???:::

He only LOOKS innocent.  Trust me.

Meet Quaker. He's a good kitty that I got a few years ago the week before Thanksgiving. His cage had a warning sign at the shelter. It said, "THIS CAT BITES."

Most of the time, he's a sweetheart. He snuggles, nudges, rubs, purrs, and tries to lay on your head pillow to get attention.

Last week, he SCRATCHED the baby's cheek, though. And that's a NO-NO around here. I chased him down the stairs with a belt and caught the end of him with a pop as he quickly squished his huge self out of the cat door to the garage in horrified retreat from the raving lunatic mama and her bleeding little man-cub.

I doubt he'll ever do that again.

Dogs might not be smart enough, but old kitties CAN learn new tricks.

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Phyllis said...

You are right...he looks so innocent. Beautiful photo. We have found that a clean spray bottle filled with plain water is very effective for teaching old cats new tricks.

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

He's a pretty cat, but looks a bit ornery ;) I guess time will tell if he's "learned" a lesson.

Cheryl said...

LOL! This happened to Bram when he was a baby - the cat got him just below his eyebrow. I was a lunatic! My teen was afraid for the cat's life. I am right there with you sista!

Amy said...

We don't have our cats any longer but cats and Christmas trees are not a good mix....add toddlers too it and it's too much for me.

AB Gracey said...

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And yes, I have a cat, so I know just how "innocent" they can be!

Thank you.

Amy Gracey

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