January 02, 2012

2011 in Pictures

Saying good bye to a year is hard. Especially one that was so packed full of one-time memories as 2011 was for us. Fourth child, first smile, first words, first steps... teenage tests and two big kids in glasses and braces at once.

Life took center stage as we went from each moment to the next without catching a breath. 2011 was a marathon. We didn't finish first, but we didn't come in last, either.

Forgive me if I go on and on with the photos. These are a few of my favorites from the year:



My funny Viking. We cut his curls off after taking this photo for me to make Valentine cards with. Mama cried.




My three boys <3
We welcomed the littlest of our four in to the family. I had no idea how much laundry four kids would bring. I have yet to find the bottom of the basket.




The cilantro grew and grew and grew. Mama searched for her missing homeschool groove (letcha know when I find it) and #3 learned to get away with a lot more dirt while Daddy was on duty. #1 and #4 became good buds.






Useless to Resist Me

Happy Mothers Day
I became addicted to Instagram. Loved my snuggly mother's day gift. The cat got used to having a fourth kid in the house... and the big kids played piano with Chickie.



Playing trains



Double trouble. Teens and toddlers are not the best combination for a mama's sanity. However, these two are tight. Koko loves his Momo.


Cheeseburger heaven - California double, no bun.


Grandma and the Viking

"it's a dry heat" #Texas #draught

Mi Tierra's in San Antonio - a Texas Treat! #incourage

The #thsc2011 Situation Room | Photo-Video Crew | Woot! #incourage


That was the photo that made me go on a diet. The one at the Apologia Lunch up there with the fat lady and the baby. And Texas was in the worst drought in U.S. History. Jenn and I took photos for the THSC convention together, too (Texas Homeschool Coalition) - and toured a bit of Texas. We took her to the Alamo. I finally tired out of Freddy's burgers - where I had eaten nearly every week while pregnant with the Gladiator.


#Homeschool distractions. Oy.

Grilled Tuna and chopped egg salad #4eu #incourage

My nest. The decoy pillow.

"Not so diet" diet foods, sneaky decoy pillows, and little boy pouts. These are a few of my favorite things.


Whole new world. #incourage

Marshie n Me #incourage #love


A brave new world - with a fully mobile child on all fours and pulling up. Sweet visits with friends.


Rain!!! #incourage #love #texas

The first rain in a loooong time.


My bath time boys.
Nap time is golden. #incourage
Nap time was golden... but the little bug wouldn't sleep for very long. He's such a light sleeper!





iPhone-ography - layers of fun!

Leavin' on a jet plane! Morgan, the tiny guy and I - took a trip to the Relevant blog conference and visited Hershey Chocolate World.


Unscripted Sweetness - brothers holding hands #mademyday #incourage #love


Chipotle Two

Can't deny the DNA on that one. #daddylookalike

Might as well put a bottle top on the jug. Kid loves milk.

Two #texas critters I love

Just being us. Oh, besides the oral surgery thing. We don't usually get 10 teeth pulled in one visit... but unfortunately, Morgan did in November 2011. Poor thing.


The Train Gang

Crossing #trains

Boyz in hoodz #love #brothers #portraits

Steps to decorating a Christmas Tree... #christmas

Sleeping like a baby. Me too. Good night instafriends. Zzzz.
And just like that, 2011 was over. Sweet dreams to a very busy year. May we embrace 2012 and live with purpose.

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Angela Foltz said...

I love this post, Heather. It's so fun to survey the year. God bless you in 2012.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

You have inspired me to MAYBE do this if I find the time. ;)

What a beautiful year for a beautiful family.

Lainie said...

Hi there... my daughter and I loved your post. She really, really loved the pictures. She especially liked the train crossing one and wants to know if having a print is possible.

Her name is Abby and her email is: acertainjedi@gmail.com

Thank you :)



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