January 12, 2012

Keep Aiming for the Goal; Despite the Difficulties

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One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.  ~Sidney Howard

I've been aiming at my goals lately. This explains my absence at the keyboard.

It's been so long since I really felt the blog bug biting. Am I really a blogger any more? How often do you have to blog to be considered a real blogger? Kind of like that Tootsie Roll Pop question, isn't it?

Instagram has kept me on a leash, though. The DSLR has been on vacation for far too long. And I have been hooked on Pinterest imagining all the things I'm going to make when I get my craft on this year. How about you?

I drug the sewing machine out of the downstairs closet today. I can't imagine when I'll find time to use it, but I want to look at it every day and get my desire burning for all those imaginary quilts in my hopes and dreams.

Until I find time to create, I'm cutting distractions and aiming my sights on the most important things on my list each day. Often times that means that the computer - and the blogs - and the emails - come last. It has been easier than I thought. I hope it doesn't mean I've lost the joy of blogging forever.

So far this year I have already succeeded in making a meal plan, getting rid of three boxes worth of old tax paperwork, organizing the book shelves, and paying the bills. I'm a step ahead of last year with our taxes - ready to go through the rest of the paperwork in the garage (about three boxes to toss and three to re-organize for storage).

And -- I've cooked at home almost every meal since the first of the year. Even when I didn't want to. Gourmet meals and easy ones - depending on my level of dedication and how the day has gone. Reminder: I live in a zoo.

Today we have had a "teacher in service day" with a teething baby who's had a fever for two days and a tweeny daughter that has been unable to get out of bed. That, plus my toddler who has been throwing wooden blocks in the sink, drawing on my new books from Amazon, stuttering on purpose, throwing temper tantrums and "feeding" his little brother bits of crayon wrappers and erasers he has picked off. You can guess what kind of dinner we'll be having tonight. Probably cereal - and Prozac. I'm just kidding about the Prozac. Mostly.

OK, so the rest of my day, with what little sanity I have left, I'm going to complete the following:

1. finish tossing the rest of the old paperwork
2. organize the 2005-2011 paperwork in the tax box in our garage
3. restack Daddy's wall of teetering heavy premature death in the garage when I finish going through the boxes
4. make Tacos for dinner if I don't give up and force everyone to eat cereal
5. finish entering lesson plans for history in Homeschool Tracker
6. shower and get dressed before Daddy comes home in an hour/oops! My bad, he's here!
7. charge the iphone
8. help Kaden with his book reviews
9. paperwork
10. read and relax tonight - minus the laptop, iphone, or television + chocolate in some form, and a cold glass of milk

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.  ~ Zig Ziglar
So how about you guys? The three of you who are still left reading this dusty blog. How have you been aiming at your goals for 2012?

Credits: Photo is mine, but the target is my husband's. He has fantastic aim at 100 yards.

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Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I questioned my own "blogdentity" recently. Thankfully, I found a bit of inspiration and am back to writing a few times a week.

I hope you hit your goals today and in the coming days!

I recently pulled out my sewing machine and whipped out a few dozen cloth napkins. My old ones had shredded and were raggedy. It was a pretty easy sewing project but I was proud of myself. And, I *love* my new napkins!!


ChristineMM said...

Make time for yourself to create. I find when I focus too much on tasks it backfires and I wind up a mess. I have been using Instagram a lot more than my DSLR also. You got a ton done today, it's amazing.

Michelle said...

My last post was on this very thing-my one word with an acrostic poem to go with-as well as a disclaimer since the whole focus thing is rather tenuous at times:)

I like how you are aiming, Spritti, and I can completely relate to the sewing machine. At least you took yours out!

At the end of the day, even if you haven't met all your goals, you can go to bed with a clear conscience, knowing that you didn't get sucked into blogging when you should have been doing other things!

I hope everyone is feeling better soon!



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