February 12, 2012

And Then He Was 15


He arrived a little after 2:30 AM - my little 'friend'. His name means 'companion'. He's been just that. 

My little whiz kid was good at everything he tried. His pediatrician couldn't believe that he knew all of his animal noises at age 9 months. He was walking by 10 months and talking in sentences by a year. He always astounded us with his new talents and abilities.

Once his sister got here, he became a little boss man, making sure she wasn't in the street when they went out to play - making sure she wasn't putting things in her mouth or doing anything mama didn't like. We called him our legalist. There was no way she was going to get in trouble with him watching out for her.

He loved bugs, rocks, trains, and playing in the dirt or water. Our little book lover - a reader, a nature nut. He's one of those kids that learns on his own and then makes you look like you did a great job teaching. If it weren't for his hatred of math, I would call him a straight A student.

It has been such a delight getting to know him; listening to him and his excited stories about the things he learns... watching him grow up in to this amazing young man that has such a tender heart and a love for others (besides maybe his three year old brother).

Now that he's fifteen, I am staring at the clock, counting down the seconds until he's not mine any more. I am wondering where all these years have gone... how that little boy became a man right under my nose.

Good kid. I love him. #teen #homeschool

How do you let go and watch your baby get big? How do you ever recover when a piece of your heart changes its address? Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself tonight.

Today he told me, "Mama, don't worry - I'm a klutz. There's no way I want to learn how to drive this year."


Maybe he'll wait until he's 17.

I can't imagine 17.

When I get used to 15, I'll let you know.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

oh wow, he has grown so much!

i'm glad he doesn't want to drive yet... that means he needs you for a little while longer... even if it's as chauffeur and chef for now. :) who are we kidding, the chef part will be for a lifetime, right?

happy 15th birthday!!!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Oh my, I so understand. My own little baby is now 13. I don't remember where the time went, I truly do not.

Look at his first photo! How cute and wittle. And how grown he looks in the last. Sigh.

I, too, wonder how I will cope when Eli leaves me. I so adore him.

Melanie Grant said...

They grow up so quickly - my son is turning 12 this year and I keep thinking, he's one year from being a teenager. I don't want him growing up so fast and yet I love my little man!



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