February 01, 2012

The Last First Birthday Cake

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Today my pretty little tiny man turns ONE. Seems like a dream that a whole year has gone by since I had him.

Funny how you never can imagine the world without a person in it once they are here. That certainly goes without saying for my Kellyman.

Poor little guy has been so sick this week. It all started last Thursday with his brother (who is nearly 3 and can't keep his fingers out of his mouth). Koko had a fever for a couple of nights and then the little guy caught it. They are sneaky about swapping sippy cups and you know how it is trying to keep slobbery toddler germs off of the toys they chew on play with.

Both of them had three days of fever and then the congestion and coughing came on full force. Grandma and daddy caught the bug, too. I'm praising God that the big kids and I only had a mild version of it. Maybe we had immunity from that nasty respiratory stuff that hit before Thanskgiving? Or maybe this is just God's MERCY. I can't imagine being up all night suctioning noses and passing out meds for everyone PLUS myself. It has been like running a hospital. That and a sauna. We've spent our share of extra time in the steamy bathroom giving extra baths to the cranky small ones.

What a way to spend your birthday, right?

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Oh, well - he won't remember that he couldn't taste his cake on his first birthday. Maybe I'll sneak him some more chocolate chips. He loves chocolate. [See the smudge on his lips in that photo? He was begging for chocolate. That's my boy!]

Today he'll have yellow sheet cake with chocolate icing. And he'll make a big mess of himself in his high chair. And we'll take pictures.

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Happy Birthday, baby. 

My fourth. My little snuggle bug. He and his three year old brother love to give kisses. They make my heart go pitter-patter.

How bittersweet that this is our last first birthday cake to make. We'll have to savor it all the more.

It is amazing how fast these little ones grow. Just look at the photo of me and my big one with him up there... yeah, the one who has just three more years of high school before he's grown! You can't imagine it when you hold these squishy little guys in your arms... that one day they will be opening the door for you, driving your vehicle, and walking out the door to their destiny.

Savor those birthday cakes... and all the sweet icing moments in-between them!

Tiny Me #1970s #selfportraits

From the little girl that loved "lello-pink" - who is all grown up now (mostly),


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1 comment:

Michelle said...

Awww, he's so cute!! I hope your littlest guys are feeling better. I remember those "last" events--if I had my way my 11 yo would still have her pacifiers--hate letting go of those things with the last one. Love ya'!



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