February 21, 2012

Little Hearts - a Parenting Poem

One of the beneficiaries of the #momheart conference #ilove

Last week we moved like sunlight on ripples of water - flickers of light, moving and changing. Hardly a moment of stillness.

We visited grandma's house, had a family of 7 stay with us for a few days, had a grandparent over for dinner, went on a couple of field trips, visited with blog and IRL friends, went to a conference, and tried to get back in to a routine when we got home.

Somewhere in all those moments, we took time to breathe... and smile, and laugh, and cry.

Today was our menu and grocery shopping day. Amazing how long coupon clipping takes... but that's another post entirely.

Sunday our littlest was dedicated at church. Where we go to church, the elders of the church ask the parents to bring the children up in the Lord and they pray for the parents and recognize the babies, sometimes giving them little bibles with their names engraved on them. This year they read a sweet poem written by a woman at our congregation who has a heart for the young.

I couldn't resist sharing the poem with you. 

Little Hearts

There is no greater treasure than our little girls and boys.
Jesus left them a legacy of total peace and joys.

Children learn what they live and see in their homes.
Read to them the Bible, which teaches them not to roam.

Our babies need to know authority and have loving discipline too.
This gives them direction that lasts their lives through.

Causing the young to stumble, and their tender hearts to break...
We can be sure, no matter what, they can always tell a fake.

Their little hearts mature with harmony and contentment.
But they grow up unhappy, when they feel resentment.

Listen carefully to the things they want to share.
Never pushing them away, for it proves you really care.

The family gathering around the table is important to their day.
Taking time to bond, eat and bow their heads to pray.

Be kind an approachable as Christ always was.
Hug them, love them, praise them if it is only just because.

The youth are the Lord's kingdom of tomorrow and the promises of all to come.
Instill in them strong principals; and they will never go far wrong.

by Laraine Montgomery, 1998

Isn't that so sweet? Now I'm off to put my little people in bed...

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Rebecca said...

Thank you, Heather...I may need to print that in every room of my home!



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