February 23, 2012

Texas Homeschool Legislative Alert

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Sometimes you gotta stand up for something bigger than yourself. Some of my big causes are parental rights and homeschooling freedoms. Tomorrow I'm taking my crew on the road to go support another homeschool mother who is having both her parental rights and her homeschooling freedoms challenged in Texas.

If you are in the area -- join me.

If you are a Christian -- pray with me for this mama and her children.

If you are on twitter or facebook, follow along using the hashtags in the below message from THSC:

Dear Home School Friend,

Recently a THSC member contacted the us for help. Her husband, who was previously supportive of home schooling, has decided to divorce her and attempt to gain custody of their children and prevent this mother from continuing to homeschool. Additionally, the paternal grandparents have joined the fight and are seeking joint custody with their son/this father. A battle has been waged against this mother and her right to direct the care and custody of her children, and THSC is endeavoring to come alongside this fit mother and fight for not only her rights but ultimately the rights of all parents in Texas. If you live in the Cameron (Milam County) area, we are asking you to come out in support of this home schooling mom!

Hearing Details:

Friday, February 24th 9:00 a.m. Milam County Courthouse, Second Floor, Cameron, Texas

Please Note:

The presence of home schooling dads would make a STRONG statement for the family! Adults, teens, and well-behaved children are welcome.

All persons present may be required to sit for LONG periods of time on hard benches. Please dress appropriately and respectfully.

The length of the hearing is unknown. The last hearing lasted all day, with short recesses and a lunch hour.

Keep Up-to-date via Social Media:

We are asking those who attend the hearing to keep the homeschool community abreast of what happens as it happens using social media as allowed. Our purpose in doing this is to bring awareness to the situation and make it very clear to the father, the grandparents, and the judge who is sitting for reelection that they will be held publicly accountable for their actions should injustice occur.

For more information contact Stacey Clark at selah8rose@yahoo.com.

If you are unable to attend the court hearing, you can still stay informed with live updates from the case via Twitter. Search for #thsc and #texasjustice. Also, be looking for updates and pictures on our THSC and THSC PAC Facebook pages.

In your service,

Tim Lambert, Chairman

Texas Home School Coalition PAC

PO Box 6221, Lubbock, TX 79493

(806) 744-4441 ~ (806) 744-4446 fax

thscpac@thsc.org ~ www.thscpac.org

**UPDATE** The judge seemed to be biased towards the father's case, so the ruling could honestly go either way. They even brought in a nosy neighbor who complained about her blinds being shut and the kids not playing enough outside!

I pray this judge will not consider homeschooling as a way to deem the mother as unfit (because that is preposterous) and I hope he takes in to account the FIFTY set of eyes and ears that were supporting her in the courtroom. I hope you will join me in praying for this mother and her babies (one of whom is not even school age yet). All of her kids are under 10 or 11. Also pray for her to be able to find work that will allow her to be home with them as much as possible and still help to support them. She has spent upwards of 45K on this legal battle - all the more reason that ALL Texas homeschoolers need to support THSC by buying an annual membership!

*Did you know that only 3% of homeschool families in Texas are supporting the legal front for the rest of us who enjoy homeschooling freedoms here? (this info from last year's THSC conference)


Tiffany said...

This is a good thing you are doing.

Shannon Wallace said...


higglepea home ed said...

You go girl! x Will be watching and praying from the other side of the big pond. x

Me said...

I am so glad you were able to go and posted this. I was not and felt so sad. I really hope that people stop and think, but especially this father and grandparents, about the emotional consequences of this action. And I pray that this judge remembers that he is acting on just more than friendship here. IF he rules in favor of the father based on this I will help her financially appeal it on so many levels, but especially because of the flippant remark from the father about having the judge in his pocket. How sad that they are willing to do this to his own children, and their grandchildren. They don't see it but these children will have lasting effects due to this. How pathetic.

ChristineMM said...

So sad when a marriage breaks up then there are fights about the children's education.

Praying for them.

Just had to say since we recently moved to Houston I have been advised by no fewer than 3 heating and air conditioning service people that I should keep my blinds shut all the time to either help keep the house cool (summer) or to hold the heat in (winter). Everyone all around me keeps the blinds closed.

Two Texas natives told me about making a custom fitted window cover with foam so to more permanently and completely block out the sun. That is important since all the windows here are single pane and provide little insulation.

To ridicule someone in TX for keeping blinds shut? Ridiculous.



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