March 05, 2012

Of Parties, Pictures and Poopers

Breathing Treatment time

This weekend started out all wrong. We were planning for our family birthday party for all four of my children (that's the cheapest route when you have all the year's birthdays and holidays within a 4 month span and most of your family lives hundreds of miles away).

The plan was to get up early and be at the church to set up and prepare food... but at 5am, the one year old couldn't breathe. Mama had to take him to the ER for a couple of breathing treatments.

 ER trip this morning #marchphotoaday (day 4 bedside) #nofun

Five to Eight on Saturday we were at the hospital - me and my tiny man. Then we picked up a sweet blog friend who happens to live within driving distance... and met my cousin (the lady with mad cake skillz) at my church. Between the three of us, the party prep was all complete with an hour to spare. I am convinced that God sent them to me as Guardian Angels.

 Thank you Pinterest. Get your art on!
My mother in law completed the final touches with her silver and black party gear, table cloths and matching candy. I couldn't believe how well the whole thing went off. My new motto? "It takes a village to have a party." I can't wait to share it with you here - our camera themed party! It was awesome. Pinterest worthy, for sure!

 Portrait Session setup #fun

I used my party guests as guinea pigs for my portrait sessions at the church building. We rented a full photo set-up for me to take pictures with (including the camera of my dreams). For the next two weeks I get to be a REAL photographer. With a FAT 5D Mark II. #ohyeahbaby

  The #instagram #marchphotoaday! #woot!

And not just an 'Instagram Addict'. ;) There's a hashtag for that, y'all: #instaaddict! See you in Instagram if I don't see you anywhere else on line first.

I'll be busy taking portraits, cleaning up party aftermath, homeschooling, and keeping the one year old breathing this week. Any prayers you want to say for my sanity are more than welcome! As usual.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of the party! It was great seeing y'all and we need to get together REALLY soon!

Rebecca said...

LOVE Instagram - it's fun and makes living in the blogosphere...more real. So sorry for your little one...our oldest had that when he was a babe. So thankful for your friends and family!



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