May 23, 2012

Bluebonnet Time (every Texas spring)

bluebonnet kids 2012

In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm a native Texan... and we Texans have a little crush on our state. Especially lovely are the things we think make Texas wonderful: like bluebonnets, which happen to be the state flower.

little bluebonnet boy

This year's bluebonnets were THICK, y'all. Maybe it was the drought last year? That's what we were guessing. I wondered if we would ever see green again after being in the worst drought in Texas history last summer.

blue jeans

Anyway, whatever the reason, we were delighted to get out and enjoy them... and to do a little science and research lesson about our bold, blue floral friends with Lucas Miller's book: Bluebonnet Time

blue and jeans

I love a good Texan picturebook... especially one with cute illustrations and lots of fun facts in the margins. This one came with MUSIC, too!

There's a CD that has fun bluebonnet hunting (and photo-taking adventure) music for your drive!

dandelion boy

The book is an Evan Wilder science journal - and it includes everything you might want to learn about bluebonnets. Fancy that!

little boy on the prairie

The author of Bluebonnet Time is also a singer-songwriter that goes by the nickname "the Singing Zoologist". In fact, you can listen to his bluebonnet theme song in the little movie above.

blue kiss

Bluebonnets are awesome - who wouldn't want to learn more about them? If you are a Texas educator, a Texas parent, or just a bluebonnet lover, I'd say this book would be a perfect fit for your library.

blue kiss 2

As good as the book was, though, the flowers are what took the cake on our bluebonnet photo field-trip this year. I thought we might lose a three year old in the deeper spots.

koko blue

The rain has been awesome this spring... and things are lovely here. Now that these pretty blue flowers are gone, there are fields of yellow in their place.

4 kids on the prairie

I'm still remembering the blue. See you next spring, bluebonnets!

lady bug blue

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disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this book to review, but the opinions are my own.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures!! Lovely colors!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Love bluebonnets and the beginning of each spring! Your photos are wonderful!

Whit said...

These photos are gorgeous!! ...and I totally need to add that book to our library, how fun!

Unknown said...

I want that book!!!

Unknown said...

And the pics are amazing! Beautiful family!

EagleNestMom said...

I love the bluebonnets of a Texas Spring.
There are usually fields full of them around here too ....

There just weren't as many as there use to be this spring. I've really been disappointed by the few flowers this spring. Even our red clover and black eye Susans were thin, and I don't remember more than a handful of the Indian Paint Brushes.

LOVE the pictures - brought a nice smile to my face.

Penney Douglas said...

We're moving to Texas in about a month. My little girl is excited to see the bluebonnets. She wants to pick them. Are people allowed to pick them? There are many reasons I'm excited about moving to Texas. You just gave me another one! Thanks!




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