July 21, 2007

Boho-Chic Belly-Covers

My husband and I usually agree on most things. We raise the kids in mostly the same manner, we agree on doctrine and religion, we love the same foods (for the most part), and we even like a lot of the same music. When it comes to the latest fashion trend for women's tops, however, we sadly have to 'agree to disagree'. The baby doll or kimono shirts that so many women are wearing now days are one of his worst pet peeves in fashion design. He absolutely HATES them. I, on the other hand, love them!

I had a baby doll dress in my early 20's that I really enjoyed wearing (he hated it). It was bright red with flowers on it. He also hated my Bohemian patchwork-quilt purse I carried for a year or two. I usually like bold patterns, silky or shiny materials, velvet, and long flowing skirts. These new baby doll shirts are wonderful for hiding flaws and making a girl's figure look better. They make the slightly overweight girls look more trim, and they make the smaller-chested girls look more curvy... Not to mention - they WORK GREAT AS MATERNITY TOPS!!!

I had wanted a baby-doll top for a few years, but I never bought one because of my husband's aversion to them. After all, no wife wants her husband cringing every time he looks at her. Most of the time in the past, if I mentioned to Kev that I wanted one... he would say something like: "Those are so gross." or "You don't want to look like a hippie."

Getting pregnant has given me an excuse to finally get one (or four). When his step-mom took me to get a few maternity clothes the other day, I made it a point to NOT take him with us. I kind of figured I was going to find at least one or two baby-dolls in the maternity section that I couldn't resist. I came home with two silky kimono tops, one long-sleeved baby doll and one short sleeved one. Each one has a skirt type bottom that will expand with my belly as the baby grows. Of course... I'm not going to tell him now that I plan to wear them long after the baby gets here! Shhhh!

In case you wanted to order one yourself, I left the link under the title to this post (or you can get one at your neighborhood Kohl's). And no, I'm not an associate or getting paid for any type of advertising. I'm just a fan of "Boho-Chic" style! Sorry Kev!

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ColoradoDreaming said...

Too cute!

Brenda said...

Sorry, but this made me think of "the shirt" post over at Boo Mama.

I like these shirts and goodness knows they are better than what was in maternity-style a few years ago with all the skin tight stuff! EWW!

bigwhitehat said...

It is a dude thing. None of us like them. We may have to say we don't mind. But we don't like them. They are almost as bad as the chicken butt hair cut.

Brenda said...

Please tell me, what is that haircut?

bigwhitehat said...

The super short hair with the mess in the back that is shaped like a chicken's rear end. All fellas hate it. We just don't say much about it.

Crimson Wife said...

I'm with your DH and bigwhitehat on hating baby-doll shirts!

I try to dress to minimize my curves, and baby-doll styles just draw attention right where I don't want it.

Alexandra said...

I like Boho-chic as well, although I buy the modified babydoll which is not quite as bra-like on the top. Some have a V-front which I love. And you are so right, they do help a girl out whose got more than her share of curves.

Norma said...

I didn't know what these were called, but I agree with your husband. I know my husband hated them when they were popular in the 70s(?)--not the tops, but the dresses. Then they resurfaced in dresses about 8 years ago, and I bought some because they were comfy. Now I think the tops are to cover expanding waistlines.

Sprittibee said...

colorado - :) glad to know that at least someone shares my taste. :)

brenda - thanks for that link. i enjoyed reading it. she is much funnier than I am, however. ;)

BWH - Well, i guess he's not the only one then. At least I don't have a chicken butt haircut. ;)

crimson - i always thought that it was the other way around... but i guess that depends on where your curves are ... if it is above the belt on the babydoll, i can see why you wouldn't like them. I'm not so huge-topped that I can't wear them. It is the belly part that i like. nice and flowing without being tight.

alexandra - yeah, i like the mods too. i like comfy stuff and these types are very comfy.

norma - yeah, i do agree with the covering expanding waistlines idea. with as many folks overweight in the U.S. as there are, it makes sense that these would come back. I loved my dress... but it was very childish looking and I doubt I would wear it now if I had it. Would have made a great maternity frock, though. That is why these shirts appeal to me now. I can actually start showing and not really be showing... :)

Anonymous said...


These are awesome additions to any shirts you already own or will own....pregnancy or non.

Longer and more sheek than the other ones I've tried out there. Go to their website and see how many colors you have to choose from!! You'll love them!



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