July 28, 2005

Medical Naziism In America

Does Anyone Care If a Child is Sacrificed for CPS to SAVE FACE?
Remember Katie Werneke? Well, I did as her dad requested and wrote my representatives. I also wrote to some church leaders who are nationally televised, and to the President. I made sure that everyone who got the letter saw the list of names on the bottom which I was sending it to. In case you are just joining in on the Katie case, you can read the details here: Katie Werneke Case Summary (this post is also available on Katie's Blog as well as current updates from her family).

Texas Apathy to Tyranny
I got a response back from one senator (Democrat) who asked me to fill out some paperwork before she would talk to me any further on the case because of privacy laws. I got a letter back from another senator (Republican) thanking me for sending me a copy of the letter I wrote to President Bush - with no other remarks. I then got a letter from Tom Craddick at the Texas House of Representatives (he is the Speaker) that seriously disturbed me as a Texas Citizen.

Here was Tom's reply:

Thank you for taking the time to write me regarding Katie Werneke. Your concern for Katie and her family is greatly appreciated. My office is closely monitoring the actions that Child Protective Services (CPS) takes in this case.

As you are aware, this widely publicized case is rapidly developing. On June 16, 2005, the court ruled that Katie is to remain in foster care while she receives treatment for her cancer. The court will reassess the situation very soon. Until then, Katie will remain in CPS care and receive immediate medical treatment per the recommendation of her team of doctors.

Child Protective Services has informed us that every effort will be made to include Katie's parents in her medical care, including their attending her appointments and treatments. The ultimate goal of CPS is to reunite a healthy Katie with her family.

Thank you, again, for writing. Please feel free to contact my office if we can be of further assistance.

Sincerely, Tom Craddick, Speaker

State Assumes Control of Your Kids
CPS's goal is to reunite a healthy Katie with her family? Since when was it the STATE'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE YOUR CHILDREN'S HEALTH? I thought we were a free country where parents raised their children in the manner they see fit, and have ultimate control over the family's medical choices?

Update on Kate
Since I last wrote about Katie on my blog, CPS has mysteriously produced what they claim as proof that Katie still has cancer (after six tests and an un-necessary surgery to remove her thymus gland). They showed the parents one slide with four cells that had an extra nucleus and told them that 90% of what was removed had been proven to have Hodgkin's. Although on the slide, there were hundreds of normal cells, and it was the only slide provided. They also have lied about meeting times and included people in the meetings that are not privileged to have Katie's medical information. They have put Katie in a home with seven other children while she is enduring chemo treatments, and the more exposure to germs you have during Chemo, the better your chance of infection is. CPS chose a drug that would sterilize Katie even though they had been requested by Katie and her father that they use a safer chemo treatment because she hoped to have children as an adult.

CPS has not allowed Katie proper healing time to recover from surgery before they started their harsh chemo treatment plan. They chose a treatment plan that would drag on for six months depending on her ability to handle it (and she has not been able to handle the chemo well so far). She will have to be separated from her friends and family for this unbelievably long period of time and forced to go to school in Houston during this time at foster home. Katie was allowed to get dehydrated because of lack of IV fluids by CPS after her treatments while in foster care... which is what we call MEDICAL NEGLECT (the same thing they took Katie from her parents for).

CPS has repeatedly denied visitation and religious rights to Katie and her family. They have refused to give medical information to Katie's family, even in a time of crisis regarding her blood count being dangerously low - and she has had to receive blood transfusions again from the public blood supply even though her mother has offered to donate blood for Katie. The list goes on and on if you read her updates on the Pray for Katie blog.

Blood Boiling
Does this sound like "care" that CPS is providing? Does it sound like "every effort" is being made to include Katie's parents?

I don't care WHAT CPS's ULTIMATE GOAL IS. THEY DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP KATIE WERNEKE FROM HER FAMILY OR DO ANYTHING MEDICALLY TO HER!!!! And YES - I AM SHOUTING! I hope they take all these people involved in this case DOWN over this. Especially the doctors and CPS cronies. These people need to be shipped to Guantanamo.


Anonymous said...

I agree that CPS has again stepped way overbounds on Katie's case. We have some friends that had to go through the CPS system due to no fault of their own but a fluke accident. CPS is not willing to work with family or friends everything is according to their rules which are often not logical. Even if their is no previous neglect or cause for concern,and numerous character wittnesses to your parenting skills and even having outside positive evalations by professionals will not get your kids back. If a family member or church member is willing to take in the child or children until the situation is worked out CPS will usually refuse wanting the kids to go to foster care of their choice. My friends case turned out fine and was dismissed but only after many many months of waiting, taking classes on parenting and living without your kids. This is trama that the children will always remember. I believe that there will be a sad day in our country when we will be jailed and our children taken away from us just because we chose to spank our own children. God has given us our children to care for and He gives the parents wisdom regarding the medical care of their children not CPS.

Concerned for the nation

Anonymous said...

As a former CPS employee, I agree that CPS has gone overboard on this case. According to CPS policy, 11 year old or older child(ren)has the right to state whether they want to be adopted or not. CPS has to respect that right. Katie is 13 years old, why is CPS not listening to her rights? Don't forget that doctor's are at fault also. The doctor is the one who called it in. As a parent and former employee, I worked and saw cases that there heartbreaking. I pleaded for kids to be reunited with other siblings and their family. CPS would not permit it. Some of these kids will be scarred for life, thanks to CPS. The quality of counseling given to the kids is poor. These are done by contractors who is only concerned about is money. These counselors have no problems going to the kid's school, pulling them out of class, and chatting for a few minutes....and billing for an hours visit. After the age of 18, CPS gives no support to the child. They are on their own. One coordinator instructed us to tell the kids that are leaving the system to lie to military recruiters regarding their medical history and medications. That way they will automatically be enlisted into service...and have a place to stay. I've always wondered how many kids are in the military who really shouldn't be. In the majority of cases, most kids are medicated...whether they really need it or not. In the State of Texas, CPS has quite a lot of power. The current judge only sees CPS side and not the families. The classes that CPS has the parents go through are done by poor quality trainers. These people have no education or teaching experience. Most parents just go through the procedures just to get their kids home. I hope that the previous anonymous writer tells their friend to be sure to request that their CPS record be permanently removed. It can effect them later with employment and other matters. That information is never given to parents.

Sprittibee said...

Wow. Interesting information from a former CPS employee! Thank you for sharing it!



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