August 24, 2005

Green Spider


This is a green spider that appeared on our porch recently. I had never seen one quite like it. Very interesting bristly legs. I wonder if any of you could identify it for us? We have packed away our bug books. We love bugs (and arachnids) - as long as they aren't ON us, or running amuck in the house. Very interesting critters.

As for the 'Queen Bee' - I've managed to get my boxes into the garage with the help of a great homeschool friend and a furniture dolly. I packed up my spare bedroom closet last night and added that to my stockpile as well. My realtor told me that the lady who pulled out of our last contract is still considering our house, and her divorce (which is what prevented her from buying it) goes through this week. Who knows, maybe she will write out another contract and make another offer? Only the Lord knows. The two people who came by over the weekend, and the one on Monday have not given any word towards purchasing the house... so I am waiting and praying... and packing still.

I have a wonderful homeschooling book I finished reading that I am going to review soon... and I have been reading my Old Schoolhouse Magazine and am impressed. I promised to review it as well. I am working on cleaning the house up and getting the first few weeks of school planned out so we can start by the 6th. Be sure to post a comment if you have any ideas about the spider. Have a super Wednesday. I'll see you tomorrow!


Sheri said...

Green Lynx Spider - Peucetia viridans
Lynx spiders get their name from the way that they sometimes pounce on their prey in a catlike fashion. These spiders spend their time hunting for insects in bushes and low plants. They are fast runners, but can occasionally be seen lying in wait for prey beside flowers.
They build no web for prey capture, but they do release a silk dragline as they hunt among leaves.
While the Green Lynx spider aggressively attacks its insect prey, it very seldom bites humans.

Sprittibee said...

That's AWESOME, SHERI! Thanks!!! A cat-like spider! Two of my favorite little creatures rolled in to one. I'll have to go tell the kids!

Sheri said...

LOL, you like that, go check out where I found the information. There are some funky looking spiders!!

Firefly said...

I feel suddenly very lame after giving my excuse for not blogging over at my blog. You are undergoing a move and still manage to take pictures of bugs and blog about them among other things. Can I just have you as a guest blogger over at Bioluminescence while I am away? *giggle*

Firefly said...

Oh, and thanks for reminding me to take my Old Schoolhouse magazine for the plane trip. :) I will be praying for your house to sell quickly, too. God bless!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. Just yesterday my 6 year old and I found this green spider in our yard. I also homeschool so it soon became our study. The first time I've ever seen this one. It also has white stripes on its body, Right ????

Sprittibee said...

I actually am not sure about the white stripes. I have seen a ton of these since the one pictured here. I guess once you know what they are, you tend to notice them more. :)



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