August 24, 2005

Mrs. Pac Man Junkie

OK... my dirty secret is out. About twice a year, I get my FAVORITE software down off the shelf and play the whole thing through... every level... until I whup-up on some ghostie bottom! I never could beat the arcade, so it's nice to be able to beat the newer, BETTER version. This is absolutely the BEST video game ever (for retro gen-Xer moms like me).

So... here's the link, in case you wanna hop over to Amazon and pick a copy up for your gen-X self. *grin* It couldn't hurt me to get the referral!

And, here's the pretty photo of Mrs. P. that you'll get after you reach victory in the Golden Maze! Gotta luv her!



Jan said...

Wow...Just when I thought you were all business, you turn around and surprise me...Ms. Pacman!?! You go girl!

Sprittibee said...

Yeah, a girl's gotta have a healthy outlet for stress now and then! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I love me some pac-man and donkey-kong...Chris actually scored us a real ATARI set, with joysticks and lots of those great "vintage video games"- as we call them-last year off ebay. So I play it every now and then too, though I haven't tried the newer version.



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