September 28, 2005

Environmental Homeschooling, Gas and God's Feet

Homeschool Tree-Huggers
You have got to read this very cute article by WorldNetDaily reporter Doug Powers. He's got a very compelling argument about why Homeschooling is good for our environment. Never would have thought of this one!

Wireless Woes and Fuel Fears
Sorry about the silence yesterday. The hotel we are staying at in Dallas claims to have wireless access, but I've been unable to detect a network to connect to. Their customer support told me that they have no idea why we can't connect... and neither do we, especially since we can connect at other hot spots with the same wifi card, and we drove around the hotel and even walked into the lobby with our laptop and can't find any wireless connection. So, the kids and I are trying to homeschool and get a few errands run (washing clothes at relative's houses, going to the library, etc.).

I saw a gas station last night selling regular for 2.60$, and I should have filled my pump. On the way to my sister's today, I saw 2.89$ and 2.99$ along side the freeway. I hope I can make it back to the hotel on 1/4 tank and I hope the gas station at 2.60$ is still selling it for the same price! This SUV is bleeding my pocketbook dry!

Divine Pedicure?
We were discussing Moses' request to have God show him His glory last night after reading Exodus 30-34 in our hotel room. Morgan (my six year old - for those of you just tuning in) stared at me in wonder as I told her about how God lifted Moses and put him in the cleft of the rock and covered him with His hand as He allowed all his goodness and glory to pass by. I told them about how God said no one could see His face and live, so He only allowed Moses to see his back. Earlier in the previous chapters it was also stated that God came and spoke with Moses as a man would a friend. My son, (eight year old) Kaden said, "I wish that God would do that still today."

I asked him, "Have you prayed about it? I bet God could still do that today. He could shove you right in that hotel closet and let his glory pass behind you!" He giggled at the thought of being stuffed in a hotel closet by the hand of God.

Morgan piped up, "Yeah, Mama, you could get God to let you take a picture of his feet, and you could put it on your blog."

Now it was my turn to laugh. She figured we could make some money if we were the only people to have a picture of God... of course... his feet - because we wouldn't want to accidentally get a picture of his face and cause ourselves and all of blogdom to expire early!

Kaden said, "YEAH!" as if his sister had come up with the world's most brilliant plan, "And we would be RICH!"

Well, good - maybe we could afford the gasoline for the SUV then!

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Firefly said...

Too cute. I'd be willing contribute to your PrayPal account. :p

Sprittibee said...

Great Firefly! I can use all the prayer funds I can get! My daughter is sticking post-it's to my back right now that say "Punch me" and "Kick me". Ha!



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