September 29, 2005

Hotel-School Burn-Out

I'm using the hotel's computer to check in and say that I'm certainly ready to be back in Houston at this point! It's been nice, but I miss my computer. I miss my cat, too... but she's not in Houston... she's staying with my mother somewhere in Central Texas. I feel like I'm in little pieces, half of me here, half of me there, and most of me wishing I could be somewhere I'm not!

The kids are experiencing hotel-school burn-out. Amazingly, we've gotten quite a bit done that I had planned. I even got a library card for a local library near me, and checked out a bunch of great books for the kids. They have been reading them in-between assignments.

We're going on a mini vacation this weekend out of State... a business trip of sorts... mixed with some family visits. I am not sure I'll have much time or ability to get online and check in, so you'll have to forgive me for being absent.

Today's Prayer List:

My friend in Missouri who's divorce is final, and who's ex-husband is really taking things hard right now...

My husband's employment options...

My house-less-ness...

Safe travel graces...

My mom... (who has an October birthday coming up)...

All the hurricane victims (especially Rita's forgotten coastal cities that were devistated last week)... and the cows and animals left ownerless.

Etc., Etc., Etc.!

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