October 27, 2005

Dwelling Dilemma

Well, today slips by and we are still not certain if we are going to plop ourselves into an apartment or try to squeeze a few more dollars out of our depleting supply and keep searching for houses while staying in hotels. If we stay in the hotel for another week or so, and buy a vacant house, there is a chance we can close in ten or twelve days. If we lease an apartment, we have to rent furniture and continue to pay for storage in Texas. If we buy a house, we can pay our mover to move our stuff up here and discontinue paying for storage, and prevent paying to rent furniture.

Sadly, we have discovered that our wonderful credit was badly wounded by the eight month fiasco we endured selling our last house while my husband commuted hundreds of miles each week and lived in another city. We have a few lates that are affecting our score adversely, and I am not sure that we can get as good of a mortgage rate as we did before (not to mention the rise of interest rates). We are going to get a lot less house for the money out of state than we could have in Texas. I thought I was prepared to make some sacrifices, but I am discovering that it is more difficult than I previously imagined to go from 2500 square feet to a 780 square foot apartment with hardly any closet space and no yard or appliance hook ups! Staying in this one room hotel without a kitchen is an even worse shock - and so is the bill (cost of eating out included).

So, pray for us as we make our next few steps forward here towards finding "home-sweet-home". I am praying that God guides us and helps us to get our bills paid despite the heavy price that moving here is exacting from our income right now. We are learning great lessons about planning ahead, living within your means, and the importance of having a savings account for times such as these! It's not a matter of IF you will need a nest egg, but WHEN you will need it.


Jan said...

Heather, I can totally relate to your current lack of space. We lived for 10 years is 950sq.ft. However, we did at least have an oven, fridge and dishwasher. But, as in your situation we had no yard. What a challenging situation for you especially when you're used to a big space.
I'll continue to pray for you and your family as you make decisions. The twists and turns of your finances doesn't exactly make your decision-making any easier.
Lord, Heather and her husband really need your guidance. Open doors to show them the way. Close the routes that you don't want them to take. Give them your peace as they follow your direction. In Jesus name.

Sprittibee said...

Thank you for the prayer, Jan. I fell in love with a house tonight. I almost didn't go see this one, because it was a bit neglected and not very pretty from the outside... but it was wonderful inside, and it had the extra space I've been wanting that the other houses in our price range didn't. It has a formal dining room that we can convert into a school room! :)

Jan said...

Well, I hope for your sake that this one may be the one. The light of hope always comes when you least expect it. And, you deserve it. You've had such a great attitude. I'm rooting for ya'.



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